albanian virus

Albanian virus looks like a funny virus type because the screen it show quite funny. But do not go on its funny things. It can damage your system pretty hard.

What type of this virus is?

It has a “.com” and  “.exe” extension. It runs on DOS.  It is known as “Virus.DOS.Albanian.1991″ too.

What can it do?

It infects .exe and .com files in computer. It delete the various system files from computer. It even delete explorer.exe . This also ask you to spread it. WTF, yeah !

What message it show to users?

I am an Albanian virus. but because of poor technology in my country, unfortunately I am not able to harm your computer. Please be so kind to delete one of your important files yourself and then forward me to other users“.

What should you do if you infected?

Scan your system completely with good antivirus like “Kespersky”. And Do not share is as it ask. don’t go on in its wordings.    


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