If you are using a PC version of Kingo and facing “kingo root unknown network error” ¬†then we have solution for you. Kingo is best in root and its success rate is also very high. If you are facing a unknown network error then it may be caused with these issue

First, You are a developer and you have installed emulator on your PC. An emulator is in running state.

Second, You have connected other device, or using USB tethering mode with another mobile.

Third, You have Samsung Kies or other Phone software installed. 

Fourth, firewall disallowing some features Kingo.

Here is Solution for these cases

For First, Exit Kingo software. You need to Open Task Manager and end process emulator software also end process adb process if running. Now connect the device and try to root.

For Second, Unplug other device, do not use USB tethering mode use WiFi instead. Then try again rooting.

For Third, Disable other software, end process related process of those softwares. and try root.

For Fourth, Check your firewall if its blocking or not.

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