10 best wireless charger iphone 7

Till recently, a wireless charger for an iPhone was kind of a dream; however with the launch of iPhone 7, we also come face-to-face with the world where we have a wireless charger for iPhone 7 now. There are so many brands that have ventured into this segment and now you have a plethora of options to choose from.

best wireless charger
best wireless charger for iPhone 7

Right from high speed charging to safe charging, all these brands are providing it all. Now, you would be in a fix as to what to pick and what to leave. Well we are here to make your life a bit simple and easy; we are giving you a list of brands that have iPhone 7 wireless charging along with all the different features of the Chargers. Have a look and decide which one you want to go for!!

10 Best Wireless charger for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

1. LANIAKEA StarShip

LANIAKEA StarShip wireless charger

LANIAKEA StarShip is one charger that is synonymous with strength. This charger comes with the auto-off option for overcharging and excessive voltage; your phone is free from any kind of shocks that can damage your phone. The body of the charger is made from ABS solid and acrylic sheet which enhances the overall aesthetics, as well.  The charging speed you get is 1A and the central non-slippery ring saves your phone from falling off.

2. Touch Charge

Touch Charge

If durability is important for you then Touch Charge wireless charger for iPhone 7 is for you; it is the aluminum body that makes this product so efficient. The charging speed is 1A and you will fall in love the compact design of the charger. Rubber ring at the center of the charger keeps your iPhone 7 right at its place.

3. Readgo


Readgo’s wireless charger for iPhone 7 has some excellent features. You can sync your phone even when your phone is on a charge, all made possible because of the lighting connector feature of the charger cable. The cable also comes with micro USB feature which increases the charging speed. This is one feature which makes Readgo the fastest iPhone 7 wireless charger. The beaming LED lights embedded on the charging pad confirm the fact that your phone is getting charged. Readgo charger provides full protection against fluctuating voltage, overcharge, and short circuit.

4. Fantasy

Fantasy wireless charger for iphone 7

It is almost a dream to get a device that is efficient, safe and yet very fast; Fantasy wireless iPhone 7 chargers have all the three qualities mentioned above. The body of the charger is made from solid ABS and acrylic material; this hard core material protects your phone from all kinds of small bumps and scratches. To enhance the protection of your phone, a nonslip rubber ring is placed on the charging pad of the wireless charger. As far as the speed of charging is concerned, you can expect a lightning charging speed because the charger is driven by 1A charging output.

5. Vilight


iPhone 7 is Qi enabled and chargers from Vilight supports iPhone 7 aptly. Vilight wireless chargers come with high quality integrated chips which protect your iPhone from any kind of short circuits or overcharge. A rubber ring is placed at the centre of the charging pad which ensures that the iPhone 7 does not slip off while charging, so it makes iphone wireless charging quite easy. Everything said and done, speed is the main x-factor of this wireless iphone7 charger; you will get 1A speed with this charger.


BEZALEL wirekess charger

BEZALEL is one iphone7 wireless charger brand that has been certified by WPC phone charging standards. This product will give you a very good charging speed because it is driven by 1A charging output.  You need not worry about your phone getting infected because of overcharging or short circuit as the charger has a strong inbuilt shock-resistant system. Put your iphone7 on the BEZALEL charging pad and forget about the phone because it will not slip-off from the sides; the charging pad is encircled with the rubber ring.

7. DanForce

DanForce charger

DanForce iphone 7 wireless charger boasts of its lightening charging speed and all because of the fact that it is powered by 1A output. The charge is very handy to use, especially because of the LED light beams that starts encircling the charging pad as soon as you place your iphone7 on it. Your iphone 7 will be free from any kind of shocks because of Overcharging and short-circuit; the charger provides ample protection from these two damages.

8. Upow

Upow wireles charger iphone 7 plus

There is something unique about this wireless iphone7 charger and that is the ultra-thin design of the product. You will not find such an aesthetically pleasant charger anywhere else. Another factor which distinguishes this brand of charger from others is that iphone7 chargers from Upow consume very less power. It helps you save a lot of electricity. If you keep an eye on the LED indicators placed on the charger, you will know the status of your phone’s battery. The top of the charging pad is made of silicone which keeps your phone erect while it is getting charged. The charger is absolutely portable as you can slip it inside your pocket as well.

9. KoolPad wireless charger

KoolPad wireless charger

The charger actually stands by the pronunciation of its brand name; this is one of the coolest wireless iPhone 7 chargers available in the market. This charger will intimate you with a voice signal, if you have placed your iphone 7 wrongly on the charging pad. KoolPad wireless chargers are engineered in such a way that they provide maximum safety to you phone from any kinds of short-circuit shocks or overheating issues. The charging pad is quite advanced in this matter.



OTBBA is the final wireless charger in our list. This budget friendly wireless charger has brilliant performance. You can charge your iphone rapidly with its 5V-2A input and 5V-1A output.


I guess, now you are all set to buy a wireless iphone 7 charger for yourself; the one you select should have a combination of factors like durability, high speed charging, safe charging and protection for your iphone 7. I am sure you will be able to take an informed and a better decision for yourself. To make your life simple, I will go ahead and add a link to this article that will help you locate a charger for yourself very easily. It is always helps to read a review or two, before actually investing huge money into any kind of gadget.


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