Blitzwolf BW F4 Review

If you are a music lover, you surely own a speaker, Who does not like to listen to his favorite song on the speaker? The maximum volume with clear sound is always the key for any speaker. We just connect our device to the speaker with the cable and listen to our favorite songs. But Don’t you think in today’s time, when everything is becoming high tech, Don’t we need a Wireless Speaker? With such device, we don’t have to worry about Entangled wires all the time, which is really a big mess!

Why Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

  • They are portable
  • No more entangle wires
  • They have Battery Backup, So not to rely on Power all the time.
  • They are very much Affordable
  • Fast Connectivity with Bluetooth

Yes, there are many wireless speakers already available in the market, Some of the well-known names are such as JBL, BOSS, Sony, Philips and so on. I had personally owned JBL GO. The Speaker was brilliant, but its 600mAh is not the one which I need. So I decided to buy another wireless speaker. After plenty of research, I have chosen The BlitzWolf BW-F4 Bluetooth Speaker. It is the latest Bluetooth speaker from the Blitzwolf. After Using it at-least for 2 Weeks, I decided to review this product.

About the Company

BlitzWolf is an electronic product manufacturing company which has worked toward innovation and latest technology since 2015. The company mainly focus on portable smart products. The company was started in 2015, however, in such a little time company has made a good name in this smart gadget industry. The major product of the company are Cables, Ear phones, Wireless Speakers, Computer accessories, Smart Lighting etc.

BlitzWolf BW F4 Handson Review

Unboxing the BlitzWolf BW F4 Wireless Speaker

Unboxing the BlitzWolf BW F4 Wireless Speaker

The speaker comes in a normal cardboard box. In the box, you will find a Bluetooth speaker, USB charging cable, the Aux 3.5mm Audio Cable along with warranty card and user manual.Below you can see the unboxing video of this speaker.

Check Price of Blitzwolf BW4

Design and Appearances

Design and Appearances

BlitzWolf BW F4 has rectangular shape design for the best surrounding effect. The top of the speaker has a metallic silver lining, which gives this speaker a premium look.

Design of BW F4 speaker

Most of the budget speaker I have seen are made of cheap plastic. But seriously this speaker doesn’t look cheap at all.

When you lift this speaker, you feel it’s little heavy, This all because due to its heavy 4000 mAh Battery!

 Top of Blitzwolf BW F4 Bluetooth Speaker

At the top of speaker 4 Buttons are given for volume control, backward-forward, stop and Hands-free. Yes with this Bluetooth speaker you can also attend the incoming calls. So if you have this device you need not stop your Bluetooth device first to attend the calls!  Just short press the hands-free button and answer the calls.

Back of Blitzwolf BW F4

In the back side a button along with charging port and 3.5mm jack is provided. To start this device you just need to press the start button for few seconds and the green light will appear. So the operation wise device is quite easy!


BlitzWolf BW F4 Bluetooth device has superb connectivity. You can connect this speaker to your Smartphone, Laptop, smartwatch or any other Bluetooth device within a seconds!

The transmission distance of this wireless device is up to 10m, which is quite good.

Sound Quality

If a speaker has great built quality, Good connectivity and Long battery back-up, but it doesn’t have good sound than what is the matter of all the things. Sound quality is the prime thing which you look into while purchasing any speaker whether it is wireless or not.
BlitzWolf has not compromised with the sound quality. It has 2 Speaker with each of 10 W maximum output power along with central Bass radiator. The speaker has crystal clear sound with great Bass.

The thing which makes it different from other Bluetooth speakers is ‘its Great Bass’. Such Bass effect i rarely experience in any  budget Bluetooth speaker. Watching movie along with this speaker really gives you theater kind of feel.

If BlitzWolf had provided a nob for controlling the Bass of the device, it would have been perfect for music lovers. However, you can still manage it with the Music Application or iTunes.
Here I have tested the sound quality of this speaker. You can check in the below video.

By looking at its size and shape I was expecting much higher volume from this speaker, But still it is quite high for a portable speaker.

If somebody expecting that it will beat this  5.1, Speaker, then it is foolish kind of thinking!

However, I can frankly admit that it has louder sound compare to my JBL GO! However I still suggest that use it as a personal device to connect your computer, smartphone at your home, surely it is not for the DJ Parties!

Battery Performance of BW F4

Battery life is always a crucial component of any Bluetooth speaker. There are many speakers available in the market which has good sound but their battery doesn’t last long .If a wireless speaker doesn’t have good battery back-up, then it will surely ruin all your musical enjoyment.This is a very common problem in the pocket-sized wireless speaker.

However, In this Bluetooth speaker, you don’t have to face such problems. BW F4 has Massive 4000 mAh Battery!
So once you fully charged this speaker, it will last long for a couple of days easily.
Frankly speaking, I have opened the charging cable from the box after 2 lDays of continuous use!
The time this speaker takes for fully charge is around 3-4hrs.

Pros and Cons of Blitzwolf BW F4 Speaker

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing Built quality
  • Best Bass effect speaker in this range
  • 4000mAh Giant Battery for Best battery backup
  • Faster Connectivity


  • Bulky(not a pocket speaker)
  • heavy compared to other speakers.
Why Buy
BW F4 is wireless speaker with great built and superp sound quality. However the main selling point of this bluetooth speaker is it powerful 4000 mAh battery. It’s the feature that separates it from the rest of the bluetooth speakers. So If you serioulsly want to enjoy the music or want to watch a long movie without hassle of charging then this speaker can be a best pick for you.

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