Xiaomi VR Play2 Review

One of the main reasons you might have come here today is that you are looking for a new affordable VR headset. Recently I bought the Original Xiaomi VR Play2 headset. This was my very first VR gadget! I was very much excited before buying this, and after some time of use, I thought why not review it?

VR Experience with Xiaomi VR play2
My First VR Experience with Xiaomi VR play2

What is VR Headset?

VR Headsets are mainly used for feel the virtual world at just in front of your eyes. We play the Virtual video in our Smartphone and placed on the VR device. We can use these headsets to view 360-degree Videos or Even the 3D Pictures! And some VR headsets also have the functionality to Play Game in the Virtual world. Before starting my review of Xiaomi VR Play 2, I want to tell you that, each VR Headset has its own limitation.

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So it would be futile to expect everything from a cheap budget headset. In this review, will tell you what you can do and what you can not to do with this VR headset. So I will explain each and every stuff about these headsets, which will surely help you to make your final decision.

About the Company

As many of you may aware that xiaomi is a Reputed Chinese electronic Brand. This company earlier known for their brilliant smartphones (the world’s 5th largest Smartphone maker in 2015 [Source- Wiki]), but now they expand their business with other consumer electronics for e.g. Smartwatches, Drones, Robotic Vacuum cleaner, VR Headset etc. This company’s primary focus is to deliver the best product at the budget price. The company’s founder and CEO is Lei Jun, China’s 23rd richest person according to Forbes!

Review of Original Xiaomi Play 2 3D VR

What do you get in the Box?

You will get a 3D VR headset along with a with a nice soft stretchable strip For wearing this Headset around your head. Yes only these two items..No Manual , No lens cleaner..Nothing!

Design and Appearance

Most of the budget VR Glasses have the same design with 2 lenses and 1 slot for placing your Smartphone. While talking about the body of this headset, It made of ABS & Nylon material, which makes it a lightweight.

Xiaomi Has provided the soft fabric all over the body.With such fabric, you need not to worry about scratches, dent or breakage, which are common problem in the Cheap Plastic VR Headsets.

Cushion VR Play 2For providing extra comfort to the eyes, VR Play2 also provides a cushion all around inside the VR body. When you wear a VR Headset, you will see that the Nose is the area which bears the main weight. So providing cushion foam is very much helpful.

Outer Body of Xiaomi VR Play2The lenses of the This VR Headset are fully mounted in a hard plastic frame. They are placed at an optimum distance for the best view.

Unboxing Video of Xiaomi VR Play 2 3D

Here you will find the unboxing video of this budget VR Headset from Xiaomi.

VR Play Vs VR Play2In its earlier VR Modal, ‘VR Play’ they had ‘two-way zipper design for properly fitting your smartphone, which was really a big mess because you need to open & Close chain again and again for placing your Smartphone!

stretchable VR by XiaomiHowever in this latest VR from xiaomi, has the stretchable slot for placing the smartphone. You just need to pull the front cover to place your smartphone.

Tips 1: Whenever you pull its gap repeatedly, then it seems to fear that it may break. Although no such case reported, you still be cautious while doing this.

Button on the body

There is one button given on the top of the headset, I am still figuring out the use of this button.

Tips 2: Thing which matters the most while choosing a VR headset is the ‘weigh’ of the device. A light weight or ultra light weight Headset is always the best option. This VR headset has hard. Play 2 weigh Has lightweight body weigh 18 gm only!

Which Smartphone we can use for VR Play 2?

There in no restriction for Smartphone, for such virtual reality gadgets. You can choose any of your phones for experiencing the thrill of this virtual reality. However, there is still something which you need to know..

Phone 5S in the VR Headset
Placing iPhone 5S in the VR Headset

The size of the Phone: This xiaomi VR Play2 Headset supports universal phone size from 4.7 inches to 5.7-inch size. I used this VR headset for my 5.5-inch UMI Android phone and as well for the iPhone 5S.Both of my phones comfortably fits in the VR.

Gyroscope Sensor: The Gyroscope Sensor is an important thing for watching a 360-degree video. Although most of the new Smartphone already have this feature, still you need to check before buying a VR.

Tips-3: The easiest way to check yours phone’s gyroscopic sensor, is to open YouTube App in your Smartphone, and search some 360 Video. If you run such video, they will give you a 360 View!

Inside the VR Play2

Inside the VR Play2

The quality of the video, you will see through this VR is really very much appreciable. The lenses Project the perfect picture in front of our eyes. I tested this VR from most of the video (360 DEGREE as well as 3D) available on the YouTube.

I personally like this VR, because of its ability to show 3D Videos!

Pros & Cons of Xiaomi VR Play 2


  • Light weight design
  • You can watch 3D Video
  • Very Much affordable!
  • For Universal Smartphone sizes.


  • Very Basic function (Not for a pro)
  • Not for playing Virtual Game
  • No external 5mm jack for connecting Headphones

Is it really worth to buy?

Xiaomi VR Play2 is a Successor of the VR Play Device. Xiaomi has improved the design of VR Glass for providing extra comfort to the users. You can also enjoy 3D videos with this VR headset, which is a very rare thing in a cheap budget headset.

All in all, it is a quite basic Virtual reality headset. So if you are a beginner and haven’t tested this new technology yet, you must go for it!

Best Place to Buy

Play 2 VR is available at many e-commerce store, however in my opinion the best place to but this cool VR gadget is Banggood. Here You will get this product with lowest price along with free worldwide delivery.

Buy Xiaomi VR Play 2


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