Xiaomi is a Chinese Company that manufactures a wide range of electronic devices. The Xiaomi manufactures new products every year. It is one of the most popular company in China and is growing significantly in other parts of the world. The smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi are very popular across the world and are widely used by people. The additional features included in various devices of Xiaomi is what makes it different from other competitors. The company always strives to give best and unique features to its customers with new innovations.

Xiaomi is the only company that never stops from manufacturing new products. It will not restrict itself with only 2 or 3 products for a year. It keeps on working on new features and new models and bring them into the market. The Chinese manufacturer company provides great devices to its customer each season. They manufacture different products every season targeting different groups of people.

Mi Band 4:

Xiaomi MI Band 4 Review

The Mi band 4 is not just a tiny device, it is going to offer amazing features to its customers across the globe. You can easily carry it or wear it. You can even track your heart beat, whether you are working or doing exercise no matter what? This Mi band 4 will give all the updates related to your health.The most popular product launched by the Xiaomi is the Mi band 3, it is a fitness band, and now Xiaomi has come up with its next product Mi band 4 which will be launched in the coming days. The Mi band 4 has amazing features related to health. You can buy the product only the official website mi.com or through amazon.com

Product Specification:

  • Brand name: Xiaomi
  • Product model: Mi Band 4
  • Battery: battery can be higher than 110mAh
  • Color: Available in different color, black is the default
  • Connectivity: compatible with devices with Bluetooth 4.1 and higher, wireless
  • Display: LED display may have an option to change the brightness of the device.

Look and Design

Xiaomi MI BAND

The Mi Band 4 comes with upgraded features over its predecessor in terms of design, color and other features. According to rumors there will be slight variation in the design features with the new version Mi Band 4. You may also notice a minor difference in the display.There will be major changes that will take place on the device which will be unnoticed by majority of band users. You may not find too many changes in the notification features as well. The device will notify you on all most all social accounts as of now. You can easily set the notification, permission for apps as per your choice.The product will be available in different colors which is definitely a good sign for the band lovers.

Battery Life

Xiaomi has taken care of the battery life to provide better usage of the device, it will sense and monitor your heart beats. You can use more features with extended battery life. The tiny band can fit on any wrist; don’t worry about your wrist size. Trendy in design and fashionable device to wear during any season.

In the case of the predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which focused on only one feature about fitness, Mi Band 4 will not only focus on fitness but also on other important features. The Mi Band 4 will support different apps and will also notify you about the events that are taking place on your social apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Tweeter and other.


The display features will be much clearer than other devices. Natural changes take place inside too. These features are more than sufficient for the device to work properly. There could be minor variation in the battery as well. The Xiaomi may also cut the price due to the use of LED display. Messages will appear instantly on the device with no delays. The device will not only alerts about the message, but will show you the message in full on its small LED display.

Release Date of Xiaomi MI Band 4

The launch of the device is still unknown, but mostly the device will be launched by the mid of the year 2019.


Rumors also suggest that the developers are working with the connectivity distance. They are trying to increase the distance for connectivity so that you need not need to carry your Smartphone everywhere, you can place it within a set range.

Other Features

The device offers amazing health feature which includes counting steps, calculating calories burned during the day, distance you walked, heart beats and may also include features related to Diabetic and blood pressure. The battery life of its predecessor Mi Band would last for 20 days, but Mi Band 4 will have an improved battery life.


Many people are excited for the arrival of Mi Band 4 and are eagerly waiting for the launch date and its final price. But as rumors suggest the product will definitely have these features or even better ones.

The Mi band 4 will excel in both battery life and other features from its predecessor and we can say that the Mi band 4 is one of the most anticipated device of this current market.

Note: Images used in this article only for illustration purpose, we will update the article and provide the latest information related to MI Band 4.



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