Best Xiaomi Smartwatches

Smartwatches and Smart Bands are very much in trend nowadays, all because you can access your needs just by wearing these mini computers on your wrists. They look cool and at the same time support apps, answer calls and messages and often track your fitness, sleep and many more. To keep up with the trend and to make this high-quality cutting-edge technology available for everyone, Xiaomi has launched several Smartwatches and Smart Bands at friendly prices. Xiaomi is known to value their consumers a lot and so it has come up with several options to fit everyone’s requirements.

Here we will discuss the best smartwatches and smart bands launched by the company in the current year 2019 and will give you a short summary of every product so you can choose your pick easily. So let’s move on:

#1 Xiaomi Amazfit

Xiaomi Amazfit

Xiaomi has introduced this super affordable smartwatch with almost all features you can expect from a premium device. Amazfit is the best alternative for Samsung Gear S2 at a super cheap price of just $120! This round touch screen smartwatch comes with a 1.34-inch display and is IP67 Waterproof. It supports both Android and iOs devices and packs 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

It comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage for storing your favorite songs, apps and other media. Amazfit uses GPS and GLONASS for accurate health monitoring. It uses a PPG sensor at the back to accurately monitor your heartbeat rate.

It is equipped with a 200mAh battery which will last you long. Moreover, you can use it to make payments at stores, malls and so on as it supports AliPay. This smartwatch is perfect if you are planning to buy one with premium features but are low on budget. It will be a great value for your money.

#2 Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip is another super cheap smartwatch from Xiaomi which is as lightweight as a smart band. It looks like an Apple watch clone and there are plenty of reasons to invest in this. The Amazfit Bip is a perfect watch for outdoor enthusiasts as it is IP68 certified which means it is waterproof as well as dustproof. Its polycarbonate body and silicon band make it very durable and its 1.28-inch screen is protected by 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass.

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This lightweight smartwatch can also take care of your health very well. It uses GPS and GLONASS and supports 4 sports modes to carefully monitor all data like exercising time, speed, movement, distance, heart rate and so on. Its sedentary reminder can also remind you to get up from your chair after you sit for a long time and will also monitor your sleep quality with its sleep monitoring.

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It can be connected to your phone with Bluetooth 4.0 so you won’t miss any phone call and text or app messages. Furthermore, the biggest selling point of this watch is its battery which lasts for about 45 days on a single charge!!. You are getting all of these cool features at just $75. Isn’t it sounds cool?

#3 Xiaomi Amazfit 2

Amazfit 2

Amazfit 2 is yet another premium and classy smartwatch at a price tag of just $200. It houses a high performance and power efficient Xiaomi chip (1.2GHz dual-core processor) in a round stainless steel body. Its 1.34 inch rounded display is protected with 2.5D tempered sapphire glass and is surrounded by ceramic bezels giving it a premium look.

This smartwatch is IP57 waterproof having an ability to bear 50m underwater atmosphere. So, you can track your activity even while swimming underwater. It supports 11 kinds of sports modes so you can accurately gather all your data whether are walking, running, cycling, exercising or hiking.

This wearable has a multitude of features. It can be used to make quick payments with AliPay, to control mijia devices across your home, to control calls or app notifications, to listen music even without connecting it to phone and many more. Along with all of these, you are getting here a 280mAh battery with a standby time of up to 5 days. This sporty and rugged device is worth giving a try.

#4 Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the best cheap smart bands available in the market. You can enjoy a variety of its features by just spending 35 Dollars. It has an anti-lost design and is very comfortable and lightweight to wear. It is a very good option for fitness freaks who want a pocket-friendly fitness tracker.

It will accurately track your steps, your movements, your calories, your sleep quality and it can even wake you up gently with a slight buzz. At the back of the device a heart rate sensor is mounted which will keep track of your heartbeats. It can remind you of incoming calls, messages, notifications etc. through vibrations. As it is IP67 waterproof, it can be used even when swimming.

It supports both Android and iOs devices. Along with all the above specifications it has got a super-long battery standby time of about 20 days. So, just go for this elegant fitness band and enjoy living a healthy and smart lifestyle.

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Final Thoughts

As I said above, Xiaomi has something for everyone. Whatever is your budget from $30 to $200, whether you are looking alternatives for high-end smartwatches or you want a dedicated fitness band, you can choose your pick from the above options. Xiaomi is all set to conquer the wearable market as it has done previously with its smartphones!



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