With the advent and emergence of technology, which is ever changing, the need for smartphones was evident enough. And then came the trend of wearable fitness bands that has multiple utilities. The innovations associated with this utility products dates to decades but, the use of the same is still a rising trend. Keeping a watch on your health is no longer time consuming and having to travel geographical distances to visit a clinic or a hospital. You can now easily do it at any point in time with Xiaomi MI Band 3.

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Xiaomi MI Band 3

As of now the wearable tech industry is being leaded by Apple. However, Xiaomi is not far in the line. The FitBit is the second in line and Xiaomi comes just third giving a huge completion to the second. The industry market share of this brand is around 17.4%. Quite evidently, much like all technology related products even the wearable fitness tech products have also seen humungous evolution in the passing years. It is still evolving with new and improved features. One best example to justify this statement is Xiaomi’s brand new MI Band 3.

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This upgraded version of MI Band 2 is still at its rumor stage but, with the pumped up expectations of the 2nd version users, it seems MI Band 3 will surely be a huge hit. Check out on this Xiaomi MI Band 3 Review to wait more keenly for its launch.

What all do you get in the box?

Surely, all users just wait for their smart bands to be delivered at their doorstep and more than that the eagerness of opening the package is tremendous. MI Band 3 comes with immensely full proof packaging, which is beautifully golden and it’s a cardboard box. The box resembles that of the earlier versions of the smart technological bracelet.

Inside the Box

The company ensures utter safety while packaging the product. The precision with which it is done keeps it safe from any kind of damage or breakage. If you are the impatient kind, just be paitient enough because all that packaging is to keep your product safe and sound. Apart from the product the box contains the following things:

  • The box contains the capsule along with the OLED display
  • The strap is also carefully wrapped in a separate bubble wrap
  • Of course it contains the charger.
  • The warranty card and the user manual would most definitely be there inside the packet. Manual is in both English and Chinese.
  • If you are wishing to gift the product to someone and choose to have a gift wrapping over it, you will receive a likewise package.

Set up the band in seconds, connect it with your smart phone and get going with your MI Band 3 experience.

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Dimensions and measurement:

Dimensions and measurement of MI 3 Smartband

Please note that this particular version is being rumored to be even more user-friendly in comparison to MI Band 2. The MI Band 3 is a bit wider than the previous version, yes but, weighs the same. It is not at all heavy weighing on the wrist and is pretty comfortable. You simply have to sync it with your Smartphone and enjoy its features to the fullest. The dimensional specifications are as follows:

  • The weight of the product is 68 g and the size is 4 x 1 x 1.6 cm
  • As far as the Package weight is concerned it is 1400 kg and the size is 10.00 x 10.00 x 3.50 cm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.38 inches

Features of Xiaomi MI Band 3

Features of Xiaomi MI Band 3

Yes, it is a bit expensive if compared to the previous version but is totally worth it. This upgraded version of portable activity tracker is absolutely reliable and fun to use with its updated features. You need to install the app to sync it to this cool gadget. It can be easily installed. You can expect the following features form Xiaomi MI 3 Smartband:

  • The screen is of 0.42 inch measurement and the display of OLED
  • The latest modification is the improved heart rate monitor
  • Data updating with regards to distanced covered in Moring, jogging or biking etc. can be recorded.
  • Voice alarm setting features is extremely attractive
  • Innovative sleep quality tracking system
  • Round the clock uninterrupted Bluetooth connection
  • Touch-less screen unlock- it is basically nothing. The improved MI Band 3 enables you to unlock the screen of your mobile phones without having to take it out and touch the screen. The censor detector is that strong.

Pros and Cons of MI BAND 3


  • Always carrying the charger can be an issue or it might not stay in mind. It stay charge for 30 days at least without charging in between
  • It is absolutely dust proof and can resists water impacts on a short term basis
  • Bring the future in your hands with this baby as it has an automated search feature that the phone Bluetooth can easily find


  • Only compatible with 4.4 inch android phones or above
  • Time display is weak

Bottom Line
The final verdict is this that the latest upcoming version i.e. MI Band 3 is being eagerly waited for. It comes with advanced technical features and even though it’s a bit pricey, once you use it, you will know why.


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