Originall Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband

Xiaomi backed by Huami has become a well-known name in the market for their varied collection of Mi Bands. These bands are made keeping in mind the application of latest technology but also at a reasonable price.  So now they have come up with a stylish and unique Amazfit Health Band which is quite cheaper than its previous smart-band.

Original Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Heart Rate Review


The OLED 0.42” display is quite plain and simple like any other smart watch or health band which is enough for the purpose to be fulfilled. It doesn’t have any high pixel density but does the work. The operating mode of the screen is press button.

Major Functions of the Xiaomi Amazfit Health Band

The main function of this Xiaomi amazfit health band is recording the heart rate using an ECG (Electro Cardiogram) chip. This chip reads the heart rate using an electrical signal rather than just a green light. The health band looks like any other normal band apart from the main function of this ECG chip.


The body of the health band is made of aluminum with a silver touch in order to interact with the wristband. It is quite a compact version and looks simple than the expensive Amazfit Pace.
The smartband consists of an ECG monitor and the power prongs. The watch band is TPU and is quite harder than Fluoroelastomer which is the same material used in Apple Watch Sport Band.

Battery Life

The Battery capacity of Xiaomi Amazfit heart rate smartBand is 95mAh.It is a Lithium-ion polymer battery and its life is pretty good as the health band can last for almost a week. It has 2 main features to save the battery power, one is the OLED display remains off in the normal condition and the other is the health band measures the heart rate using electrical signals which replaces the requirement of light.


This Amazfit Health Band supports the well-known user friendly Android and iOS operating system. It has a connectivity of Bluetooth V4.0. It has an ECG monitor to measure heart rate and take care of your health anytime and anywhere. Heart rate is measured by reading electrical impulses between two points, so in order to get an accurate reading you need to wear the health band really tight (if the band is loose the reading would be inaccurate).

Pros and Cons:

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband
Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband


  • It has more accurate ECG monitor because it measures the heart rate using an electrical signal rather than the green light which might show error in measurement.
  • It has got a very good feature to save the battery power, ie. It’s display is not always ON, so to activate the screen you can touch the silver area or by flipping your wrist up.
  • It just weighs for 10g which is like wearing nothing on your wrist, the dimension of the health band is 23.00 x 1.00 x 1.20 cm which is like a small rectangular shape band.
  • It has a good battery life which almost lasts for a week.
  • It supports both Android and iOS system.
  • It has the latest version Bluetooth connectivity which you can connect with your latest smartphones.
  • The material of the health band is TPU which is enough comfortable for your fitness wear.


  • The brightness of the screen is very dim in bright sunlight.
  • There is no camera, but so is not required in a health band purpose.

Why buy?

It’s quite a simple and plain health band fullfilling the basic needs of a Health band. The most advancing ECG monitor can also measure variables such as HRV and NBILI, which a normal heart rater cannot measure. It has got a silver area on the display to activate the band, hence it doesn’t utilize much of the battery power by staying active all the time. T

he health band also has some other functions like sleep tracking, exercise regimes and of course tracking your heart rate. So in a way considering all the pros and cons of the Amazfit Heart rate smart Band, it is a good buy at a quiet fair price. The best part is it is cheaper than the previous Smart watch the launched.

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