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The purpose of a fitness tracker is to track and monitor your day to day activities and report to you with an optimal solution. Most importantly, the fitness trackers help track the number of steps completed for the day, the calories burned and also the heart rate. Incidentally, we have been using the trackers that need an internet connection. And you use a smartphone to be always connected to the tracker for it to function the best.

But, is it even possible to use trackers without connecting to the smartphone? Then where shall the data be stored? An interesting note is, there are several such gadgets are available that helps store the data in the tracker itself. Such devices do not require any internet connection.

Most athletes and other fitness professionals recommend and use such trackers. Especially, if you find carrying a smartphone to track your fitness all the time, this shall be a sweet surprise. This article gives you the top 5 fitness trackers that do not require an internet connection. The pivot of the idea is, there are many such available in the market and you may find it difficult to make the right choice. So, read through this article to select the right one for your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Fitness Tracker Without Internet

1# Focwony Fitness Tracker

Focwony Fitness Tracker

First on the list is an incredible piece of equipment that you can use to track the fitness data conveniently without even connecting to a smartphone. It is indeed compatible with Android phones, but you can see the steps taken, distance covered and the number of calories burned just on the 1.48-inch screen.

You don’t have to download any app and this works completely independent. As we say this, the battery life is up to 15 days. You just have to charge the phone for a maximum of 2 hours. The Lithium-ion battery helps you in this regard even while you use this continuously for 15 days before you could charge the next time.

The watch is made of silicone and plastic base with stainless steel buckle making it highly durable. Further, the fitness tracker is water-resistant and can withstand up to 50m depth. That means to say, you can enjoy your pool time while not worrying about the watch at all. In the end, you can also view the exercise data as well.

The watch can be charged using any USB adapter. It is highly convenient to use and mainly targets teenage girls and boys. It does spook a childish look for its animated tracker face, but a good one to last long for rough usage too.


  1. The backlight of the watch allows you to see the display even during the dark
  2. Lightweight and water-resistant


  1. The strap may wither out or the buckle may malfunction
  2. People may find the strap causing skin irritation if worn for a longer duration.

2# Synwee Sports Fitness Tracker 

Synwee Sports Fitness Tracker 

The product comes with a 12-month warranty and there is more to it as this is a perfect pick for a stylish look and incredible performance. The Synwee Sports Fitness tracker works wonders for 12 to 15 days as you charge it fully. The high-quality body of the watch makes it more durable than most of the products of the same cadre. The fitness tracker is water-resistant too. It can hold water pressure up to 50 metres.

The algorithm used in tracking the steps is pretty new and helps track them very accurately. Not only that, the other fitness information is tracked pretty accurately and that is one of the reasons, many lookout for this model.

As we said, the battery life is 12 to 15 days and you can use any USB adapter to charge it. The tracker again is more suitable for teenagers for its looks. And that adds one more feather to its crown as it withstands rough usage. The timer available in the watch is delectable as it counts from 1second to even 90 minutes. If you have any fitness regime and need to set the timer for that, this shall be the right one for the same.


  1. The detachable strap allows you to change straps as per your wish
  2. Easy charging options


  1. Though water-resistant, the watch might have a problem of water passing through the display causing the view some disturbance
  2. The unit of distance is measured in miles and cannot be converted to any other scale.

3# The Yamax Power Walker

The Yamax Power Walker

An excellent fitness tracker that uses advanced technology to track your steps and the calories burned is a never miss device. Especially, if you are planning to reduce your weight or want to be perfectly fit, the Yamax power walker has everything in it to help you do that. The 3D Accelerometer sensor tracks the data accurately and reports the distance covered in different scales. The possible trouble of the previous device can be overcome using this fitness tracker.

Moreover, the data is not only accurately measured but also stored for a longer period for analysis too. Don’t be surprised, the watch can hold fitness data for up to 30 weeks. Just in case, you want to reduce your weight and want to constantly monitor your progress, the Yamax power walker can be of greater support in this regard.

Experts recommend this product for activity tracking and the product comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Lastly, the battery life is decent but not as powerful as the other two devices, but it gets charged soon than the other models listed here.


  1. The 3D axis sensor makes the device more powerful than many others in the same cadre
  2. 30 Week data storage facility


  1. You may have to charge it multiple times a week



This is one of those fitness trackers that has good performance for a relatively lower price. The product might not match with the performance of the rest of the models, but a decent enough watch for teenagers. This product is mostly preferred by women for its looks and style. Having said that, there are no alarming errors in the tracking system. The accuracy levels are a bit low, that’s it. If there is any watch that measures 100%, then it is an ideal case scenario. MIJIAOWATCH has an accuracy level that can vary a maximum of 5% which is considered decent by many fitness experts.

You just have to enter your height and weight in the tracker and the rest is all done by itself. The data is tracked and can be viewed clearly with its digital screen. Also, the data is all saved for a day and gets reset for the next day. That means to say, it does not have any memory capacity as the previous model. You can track your daily movements, like steps taken, calories burned and also the distance covered in the process.

This has a sporty look and also interests sports enthusiasts. At the same time, the LED light that stands for 7 seconds helps you see the data clearly even in the dark. If you are planning for a device that can also track your blood pressure, heart rate and sleep quality, then this must be the right pick.


  1. A less expensive watch with multi-functionality
  2. Lightweight and good battery backup


  1. The accuracy levels are compromised

5# Realalt 3DTriSport Walking

Realalt 3DTriSport Walking

This is a way too different fitness tracker in many aspects. Of course, it is a fitness tracker without needing any internet connection or mobile application to be downloaded. But the difference lies in its looks and the ways you can wear it. The fitness tracker has a conventional look making it suitable for all age groups and both genders.

The tracker helps you track the exercise time, steps completed while walking or running and stores the data for 30 days. Yes, it has the memory capacity to monitor your progress too. This helps you to stay motivated to achieve your fitness goal.

The 3D TriSport fitness tracker uses 3D technology sensors to accurately measure and report the findings quickly. The readily readable display and the soft strap feature makes it convenient for one to wear it. This device also comes with a clip making it easy to wear around the neck or clipping it on your waist. The product has an 18-month warranty and is considered highly durable too.


  1. Top-class 3D sensor technology accurately records the data
  2. The data is stored for 30 days for monitoring purposes


  1. A bit pricey


  • Can the straps be replaced?

A few models are customized and have the straps fixed. However, there are fitness trackers that allow you to replace the straps too. But it is highly recommended to use the same strap offered along with the product for it to retain its perfect look as you wear it.

  • Is there any e-ink display available in fitness trackers?

Though e-ink technology has impacted smartwatches, fitness trackers are yet to see that advancement.

  • How accurate are the results?

The fitness trackers are bound to give accurate results. But, technical glitches and sensor capacity can cause inaccuracy in the data. Having said that, you can account for a 5% maximum inaccuracy and not more than that.


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