Top Marketing Techniques to Fuel Business Growth

Today, we are living in a vastly digitalized era where everything happens by tapping on the screen. From communication to online shopping – technology is changing how humans function in their routine life. In the same way, it is also altering the business world. More than brick-and-mortar stores, entrepreneurs need a robust online presence to fuel business growth. After all, the digital world is massive and full of innovative marketing techniques.

Top Marketing Techniques to Fuel Business Growth
Top Marketing Techniques to Fuel Business Growth

Marketers can develop campaigns that complement business offerings. You can create a digital storefront, a business profile on social media, or run paid advertisement campaigns. In addition to improving the brand’s visibility, digital marketing strategies can increase revenue and profits. However, with spiking competition in the digital landscape, conventional marketing techniques won’t be enough. You have to explore new content formats and keep upgrading the existing marketing strategies.

If you have well-crafted blog posts and articles, repurpose content to foster engagements. Similarly, use your social profiles to interact with customers. You can respond to their comments, answer their queries, or host live video sessions. These unique tactics will give you an edge in the virtual sphere, turning more eyes to your brand. In case you don’t know much about digital marketing, have a look below. Here we are listing top marketing techniques to fuel business growth. 

1.       Upgrade SEO strategy

Is your website optimized for the search engine? Nowadays, every brand is utilizing optimization techniques to secure its position on the top results. From loading speed, responsiveness to web design – marketers give a lot of importance to on-page SEO. Indeed, it helps users navigate the webpage, but what about website traffic and leads? Most people don’t know, but off page SEO techniques direct traffic, leads, and conversion to a webpage.

These consist of elements outside your website, such as link building, social media, influencer marketing, etc. If you haven’t incorporated off-page elements, upgrade your SEO strategy. You can create a link profile to earn quality backlinks from other websites. The links placed on another website – backlinks direct users towards your web page, increasing referral traffic. Likewise, you can share your website’s link on social media forums to attract more people.

2.       Host Contests to Engage Audience

In the digital marketplace, customer engagements go beyond likes and comments on social media. You have to engage them in a way that establishes credibility and trust amongst customers. Online contests can be an excellent way to enjoy low-cost marketing exposure. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? You can give away freebies, cash prizes, or other merchandise to the contest winner. It will maximize audience engagement, helping you get more impressions. If this the first time you are running a contest, let us show you the ropes.

  • Define your Audience: Are you targeting women, young adults, or teenagers? You have to attract a highly targeted audience that has a keen interest in your offerings.
  • Select A Contest Type: You have to pick something that drives the most signups. For instance, if you are selling coffee, ask people to share their early morning coffee stories. You will find humorous and fun stories that highlight the importance of your product. Also, create a hashtag so that more people can relate to it.
  • Set Guidelines: Social media forums tend to regulate contests on their platform. Thus, develop clear guidelines for the participants and ensure they abide by all the rules.

3.       Generate Buzz Through Podcasts

After the success of video campaigns, podcasts have become the contemporary trend in the virtual sphere. People actively listen to podcasts, which means you can use them to generate buzz around your business. You can discuss industry-related topics that address customers’ queries. Similarly, if you want to cover topics outside your niche, invite guests on your podcast. Otherwise, reach out to influencers and take advantage of their massive following.

Moreover, promote your podcast across different channels to create awareness. You can reveal details on social media forums, run sponsored advertisements, and send invites through email. Besides, ask listeners to leave reviews, ratings, and suggestions on your podcast. Also, improve the call-to-action to help your listeners navigate the web page without any hassle.

4.       Hop onto Email Marketing

Most marketers think email marketing is dead in the 21st century. In reality, email continues to be the primary tool for building relationships with customers. As the content and messaging style has changed drastically, many people struggle with email marketing. If your email campaigns aren’t providing the desired results, let us help you out.

  • Free Offers: Honestly, there is nothing more captivating for audiences than a free offer. You can pick a catchy subject line that entices the person to open the email. You can offer users free delivery, product samples, or gifts on their next order.
  • Exclusive Content: Surprisingly, email marketing can also help with customer retention. You can send special discount offers to current customers to make them feel valued and appreciated. It builds brand loyalty while strengthening relationships with consumers.
  • Educational Emails: When users are in the middle of the sales funnel, they want to learn about the brand. Here, educational emails can come in handy. You can send blog posts, infographics, and videos to your subscribers. In addition to driving traffic, it can increase sales.

5.       Boost Conversions with Video Testimonials

Surprisingly, testimonials have become a valuable marketing asset for influencing the buying psychology of modern-day customers. That is because consumers rely on social proof and reviews before making a purchase. As per the Local Consumer Survey, around 91% of customers trust online reviews. Since video testimonials impact buying decisions, learn to make impactful and valuable customer testimonials.

More than focusing on your products or services, you have to concentrate on customer experiences. After all, potential buyers want to know the benefits they will get from buying your products. Therefore, ask customers to talk about products’ benefits and quality in the video without making it sound promotional.

Moreover, you have to implement the video testimonials strategically into the landing page. You can add them to product category pages or beside the shopping list. The visitors will come across these videos while surfing on the webpage, building trust and motivating them to convert.

Final Thoughts

Every brand wants to get ahead of the competition and make noise in the digital landscape. Still, unfortunately, it is easier said than done. You have to invest a lot of time and resources into developing innovative marketing campaigns. Similarly, you have to add some creativity to existing campaigns to drive better results. Perhaps, you can create podcasts, send personalized email offers, or hold online contests. The right set of marketing techniques brings more business.


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