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Every website owner wants to drive huge organic traffic to their website. To drive organic traffic to your website, you need to understand two critical aspects of SEO strategies. The first is relevance and the second one is authority.

For relevance, you should know about the interests and requirements of your audience. You should know what your audience is searching for and then you should provide them with the best quality relevant content. Your content can be the best from your point of view but due to high competition, Google considers lots of other factors into account while ranking pages on search engine result pages.

One of the factors that Google considers is authority. Google will check how trustworthy or authoritative you are. Google measures this “authority” by backlinks. Google always ranks pages of websites that have maximum backlinks. The authoritative sites get the maximum backlinks which in turn boosts those websites’ traffic.

You too might want to boost your website traffic through backlinks. If yes, we will help you to achieve this goal.

Here is the list of 6 backlinking strategies that you can use to boost your website traffic. These are:

  • Become a Source for Other Publishers
  • Update Old Content
  • Build Free Tools
  • Publish Ultimate Guides
  • Use Images to Earn Links & Mentions
  • Use the Broken Link Building Method

If you want to know how you can use these strategies to make them work for you, get into the details of them. Let’s begin learning.

1.   Be a trusted source of information

trusted source

To boost your website traffic, you should use unique data and expertise so that your website can be resourceful for bloggers, journalists, and other people. Being a trusted source for others you can earn backlinks and drive referrals to your website. This backlink strategy will not only boost traffic to your website but also increase your brand awareness. You can increase your website traffic using this simple tactic of being a resourceful go-to place for other publishers.

2.   Recreate better version of old content

Search for a report or content that many publications refer to but is not updated for a long time. Then create a fresh content piece on the same topics by including the latest relevant data and visuals. After publishing the updated content, reach out to people who were linked to the old content and tell them about this updated content. This will boost your website traffic through backlinks. Apart from this, you will be able to build a community using this strategy and might end up in collaboration with those people whom you reached out to.

3.   Create tools to help your industry people

Another backlinking strategy that will help you boost your website traffic is creating free tools such as converters, calculators, template generators, etc. This is the best effective method that can help you earn backlinks and generate new leads.

Do keyword research and find out what type of tools can be used in your industry. Analyze tools that appear in top search results for those keywords. Find out the tools that receive maximum backlinks. Once you know what type of tool you create, make a better-customized version of that tool. This can boost your website traffic to the next level.

4.   Create complete guides on your industry topics

Guides are the best and most comprehensive resource on any topic. It is advised to create complete or ultimate guides on your industry-related topics. The guide should contain enough information that the readers don’t feel the need to go to any other source.

These guides can be resourceful or informational to many people therefore they will attract inbound backlinks. This can be the best backlink strategy to boost your website traffic.

5.   Create visuals to boost traffic

boost traffic

Using visuals can also be an amazing backlinking strategy that can boost your website traffic. You can create infographics such as charts and graphs for representing data, diagrams to explain concepts, templates, free photo galleries, etc. These visuals can work in a way that you have never imagined.

6.   Try broken link building strategy

One of the best backlinking strategies to boost traffic is to use a broken link-building strategy. For this, you need to reach out to a website that has broken links to an external source and ask them to replace that broken link with one of the pages of your website. Your suggested link should be relevant to the link that you suggest a replacement for. This backlinking strategy works well as it helps that website to fix their website error and improve their reader’s experience. To find broken links, you can visit websites with broken links and find relevant resources on your website that you can suggest in place of that broken link. Another way to implement this strategy is to find a dead page that gets many backlinks then recreate that content and reach out to those who linked to the initial piece. Once you know the website where you need to pitch your recreated content, send an email to your targeted website.


Many sources contribute to boosting website traffic, but traffic from backlinks proves that your site is authoritative. So, to be an authoritative and trustworthy site in the eyes of Google, you need to have maximum traffic through backlinks. We have discussed 6 backlinking strategies to boost website traffic that you can implement. You can be a trusted source for others so that people can visit your site back and again. You can create a better version of old content, tools to help industry people, complete guides on certain topics, and visuals to attract and explain people. Also, you can you the broken link-building strategy so that you can boost your website traffic.


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