We have to tell you a truth, smartwatches are still new gadgets that still has to attack and conquer the world of tech. Before they were made, people wore traditional watches, but still younger generations didn’t see traditional watches as the part of their style. Watches were here to present your sophistication, vogue, and style for both formal and informal setting.

Why Smartwatches?

Smartwatches made things even better because they are today unisex and you can blend them in almost everything that you can wear. They possess and present male and female urbanity. In this progressive world, we had to find a way to enhance our past with technology features. That is why you should consider purchasing smartwatches.

Best Chinese smartwatches under 100 dollars

Of course, there is always a catch with the latest technology. The price tag was enormous and therefore they were available for people who can afford them in the first place. At the very beginning, they were part of the luxurious way of life, where you had to pay over $500 for one watch. Today, we live in different times where there are numerous companies that decided to make affordable smartwatches that you can purchase under $100 in 2018.

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That is what we want to present you in this particular article. We decided to show you top 10 best smartwatches under $100:

10 Best Chinese Smartwatches under 100 dollars

  1. KingWear KW18 Smartwatch- $36.99

Smartwatches were around for a while now and there are different kinds of amazing features and interest design. This particular best cheap smartwatch doesn’t work on the Android operating system, but you can easily connect it via Bluetooth to any device such as iOS and Android ones.

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch

The best thing about is that it is affordable and you will be able to purchase below $100 which is perfect when compared with similar smartwatches with same features.

You can insert SD card in order to add more internal storage and what is most important you will be able to add SIM card with 2G in order to text and receive messages straight from it. You can also receive messages and call when you pair it with cell phone via Bluetooth.

The inbuilt speaker is amazing and you can easily sync and access all contacts and control phone camera, for more natural selfies.

It can also work as a heart monitor and check how much sleep you will get. There are audio recorder and an alarm that will help you enjoy all the way.

Pros Cons
It is lightweight It has non-replaceable battery
It contains heart rate monitor
You can connect it via Bluetooth with both iOS and Android devices
  1. LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch -$98.69

This is high end 3G affordable smartwatch that you have to try. It is powered by quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and you can use it as a smartphone. It contains 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, so you can easily store as many files ass you need.

LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch

The touchscreen is AMOLED with 1.3 inches and 400 x 4000 pixels. You can easily add 2 MP HD camera in order to record videos and take pictures. It is built with Android 5.1 and you can also upgrade it online. The best thing about it is the battery that can work for three days without any additional problem.

We have to mention that it is waterproofed and contains features such as Voice Assistant, GPS, Heart rate, Calorie, Pedometer, Music, Alarm, Browser, Anti-lost, Notifications, Remote Control Pictures and Music. You can change it to 25 languages and it is very simple to use. In all cases, this is a great gadget to have on your wrist.

Pros Cons
It contains HD camera with 2 MP Battery is not that efficient
There are 25 languages that you can choose
It is waterproofed
  1. FINOW X5 AIR 3G Smartwatch- $100

Smartwatches are changing rapidly and taking different forms and additional features. There are numerous models on the market, but this specifically affordable smartwatch contains all features as high-end models however you can purchase it for under $100.

FINOW X5 AIR 3G Smartwatch- $100

When it comes to design, Finow X5 Air will get elegant and classic looks that you can match with everything. it contains two physical buttons and thumb wheel in the middle. The screen is AMOLED touchscreen with 1.38 inch and resolution of 420 x 420 pixels. It weighs only 90 grams, so you can easily carry it anywhere.

Inside there is a quad core MTK6580 processor that works with 1.3 GHz and internal memory of 16 GB and 2 GB of RAM. This is above capacity when you compare it with similar smartwatches, however, the main downside is that you cannot extend the memory further. It works with 5.1 Android and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Pros Cons
It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and you can connect it with other devices You cannot add additional storage
The battery can last 2-3 days
You can use it as heart rate monitor and pedometer
  1. KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch- $89.99

Smartwatches are today an indispensable part of our technological advancement. You don’t have to worry anymore because we decided to present you the best affordable smartwatch on the market.

KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch

Its display is very impressed with the size of 1.39 inches and AMOLED round screen that will provide you vivid and bright display even in sunlight. It is made with great feel and aesthetics, which will give you both great features and elegance while you are wearing it.

It is powered by Android 5.1 and it supports App Store where you can download different apps. You can also multitask and run different background applications, which means that you can simultaneously play games, see pictures and listen to music.

It comes with quad-core 1.39 GHz CPU, 4GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM. When we compare this hardware and configuration, you won’t have any battery problems. On the other hand, the battery is perfect and you don’t have to worry because it can last 2 days without any additional problem.

Pros Cons
It supports connectivity to both iOS and Android devices It has only 4 GB of internal storage and it doesn’t support SD memory card.
Processor makes it powerful to multitask
Battery is impressive and it can last two days of continuous usage
  1. Microwear H1 3G Smartwatch- $89.99

Microwear H1 is one of the most popular Chinese smartwatches that you should purchase for the affordable price. It is made of aluminium alloy and magnesium, in the same time cover is plastic which makes it firm to use.

Microwear H1 3G SmartwatchWe have to mention the screen with AMOLED technology and 1.39 inches in size. You will enjoy in picture quality and colour transfer that will work on both sunny and rainy weather. The battery is removable which is way convenient when you compare it with similar smartwatches in the same price range.

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You will be able to enjoy in 2 MP camera that will give you the possibility to connect it to phone and to take pictures remotely. It takes approximately one hour to fully recharge and it can work up to two days of heavy use. For its amazing and affordable price, you will be able to use different integrated apps that will give you the possibility to measure your steps, sleeping time and much more

Pros Cons
Classy unique design You cannot install additional apps.
All fitness tracking featres
Battery can last up to two days with one hour of charging.
  1. FINOW K9 3G Smart Watch Phone –$71.60

This particular smartwatch is an amazing choice that you can purchase for the affordable price. You can wear it wherever you want to go, because of its simplicity. The design is common, which means that manufacturer avoided creating unusual appearance, which means that it is unisex.

FINOW K9 3G Smart Watch Phone

Finow K9 Smartwatch comes with 1.3 inches TFT display and 360 x 360 resolution per inch. It works on a great and speedy processor and 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage that will give you the possibility to enjoy all the way. You can easily add Nano-SIM so that you can receive and make calls and send texts. It works on the Android operating system which means that you can enter Google Play Store in order to download the latest and interesting apps.

It contains Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so that you can sync it with your mobile device in order to get more features. You can enjoy in pedometer for additional activity and possibility to change its face according to your wishes. It is a great choice for all people that want to purchase an affordable smartphone with great features.

Pros Cons
Both iOS and Android supported It comes with little RAM memory, only 512 MB.
You can enjoy Pedometer, Stop Watch, Barometer, Altimeter.
You can access Play Store
  1. DOMINO DM368 Plus 3G Smartwatch- $95.99

This particular smartwatch runs on 5.1 Android OS and a quad-core MTK6580 processor that works at 1 GHz frequency. You can easily connect it with 3G phones, and it also contains numerous features such as Bluetooth 4.0, Heart Rate monitor, Pedometer, Wi-Fi, GPS and much more. The main downside is that it doesn’t contain camera and SD card slot.

DOMINO DM368 Plus 3G Smartwatch

Even though it is not waterproofed, it is heavily protected o you don’t have to worry about damaging it. The coolest feature that you can choose is watched face. You can choose between digital and analog and there are lots of more available.

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The integrated speaker is clear and loud, but the microphone is muffled, so it is difficult to understand the other party. On the other hand, it provides great recording quality with recording application. With it, you will get native apps such as calendar, agenda items, but there is also a Play Store where you can download numerous smartwatch apps that could get used.

Pros Cons
Great sober design with quality feel Companion app is terrible
It contains Android 5.1 and GPS reception
Display contains 400 x 400 pixels resolution
  1. NO.1 D6 3G Smartwatch Phone- $78.90

If you want to purchase smartwatch that will give you the possibility to enjoy with amazing features and great build quality, this is the one that you should choose. It is one of the most popular Chinese smartwatches and it is designed to be cheap and affordable.

NO.1 D6 3G Smartwatch Phone

It contains optional fitness tracking features that will give you the possibility to train more efficiently. It runs on Android 5.1 which is great and you can easily access Google Play store in order to install the app on it. This is especially great because you will be able to customize watch faces and to make it better and prettier.

It is quite reliable and perfect. The battery can work up to 24 hours after fully charging and it contains Bluetooth connectivity that will give you the possibility to sync it with a mobile device. It is built with stainless still and the band is comfortable.

The display has 1.63 inches and 320 x 320 inches of resolution with the lowest brightness that is barely visible in sunlight and highest brightness where you can see everything.

Pros Cons
It comes with heart rate monitor that will efficiently help you get everything When you turn brightness up it doubles the reduction of battery life
It looks like traditional watch which makes it very beautiful and solid
It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile connectivity
  1. FINOW Q7 Plus 3G Smartwatch- $83.41

Finow Q7 Plus is a another great choice, it is considered as one of the cheapest smartwatches with premium features. It contains display with 1.3 inches and whole round system which is quite comfortable for wrist and 240 x 240 resolution.

FINOW Q7 Plus 3G Smartwatch

When it comes to configuration, we have to mention that it works with quad-core MTK6580 CPU with 1.3 GHz, and 4 GB of internal storage where you can keep your files. RAM memory is lower which is 512 MB, but still, it is quite affordable so that won’t matter.

You can connect it with 3G mobile devices, and it works on single Nano sim that gives you the possibility to text and receives calls. You can add additional memory with IP65. It comes with numerous features such as GPS, Pedometer, QTA, Message, Weather, Music, Clock and it contains 2 MP Camera.

It I very reliable and comfortable for wrist and you can make calls without syncing it with a cell phone.

Pros Cons
It comes with 4 GB internal storage and you can add more through IP65 Battery life is not that long
You can easily enjoy in pedometer for sports activities
  1. ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch Phone-$47.81

If you are Apple lover and you don’t want to spend that much money in order to purchase Apple Watch, don’t worry, because this is the best clone that you can find on the market. It looks same as Apple watch and it contains all features also.

ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch Phone

It contains IPS D screen with 1.54 inches with ARC 2.5D technology that will provide you amazing GD screen with a soft edge. It contains resolution 240 x 240 per inch.

It comes with 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB internal memory, but you can expand it up to 32 GB by using TF card. The battery is not detachable and you cannot replace it. It comes also with 0.3 MP camera, which is way helpful in case that you have a smartphone by side.

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is made of plastic and stainless steel which makes it amazing to look and it matches everything you wear.

Pros Cons
It contains built-in sim car that will give you possibility to receive and make phone calls It has low RAM and ROM memory
You can enjoy playing music while you are on the move
Connect it with smartphone in order to receive notifications

Final words for Buyers:-

Smartwatches are not anymore thing of future because they are popular today. However, the main problem with them is that you cannot purchase them for an affordable price. That is the thing of the past because we have presented you top 10 best smartwatches under $100 that contain amazing features and beautiful looks.

If you have questions or your own ideas about these particular smartwatches, feel free to comment in the section below and we will try to answer all your doubts. Cheers!








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