Now is the time for Dronefies or Drone selfies. But fast forward two decades back. Do you remember the 2000s and eventful happenings that took place in those early years of the twenty first century?

If you are someone who has a great affinity for technology and mobile phones, you probably will remember. And Yes! It was around the year 2000 when the first mobile phone with a built-in camera came out. At that time, primary cameras that came with mobiles found little to no users who actually liked the area.


Then came the camera revolution! Mobile phones with cameras took over the market while the quality of pictures improved. The humans as we are found ourselves having an increasing desire to capture our own emotions individually. And that was when the need for a  front facing camera was felt. Soon enough, markets became flooded with mobile phones providing front facing cameras and not surprisingly they are the most sought after handy devices now.

Selfie was selected as the perfect name for those pictures that were captured using a front facing camera and are all the rage these days. They have entered deep into our lives that wherever you go and whenever you go, you just can’t return home without taking a selfie of yourself. In fact, capturing moments with a selfie has come to signify a ‘cool’ factor. Hence it is no wonder that the young generation is so obsessed with selfies.

Later, it was realised that selfies taken using handheld devices limit the view of the image being captured. Also, there is the problem of the arm used to take picture sticking out in the photo reducing the beauty of the captured moments.

That is why selfie sticks came. While it is still necessary to hold them in our hands albeit using the sticks and they alleviate hand selfie problems a little bit. But still, it does not provide the best photo shooting experience. Don’t you agree?

So, there you have it. That is precisely the reason why drone selfies or dronefies are ready to take over. Tired of having to extend your arms to take a selfie? Bored of the limited perspective that a selfie offers? If your answer is yes, you must consider having your dronefies taken by a drone.

What is a dronefie and how does it work?

Oscar selfie posted by Ellen DeGeneres

In case you remember the Oscar selfie posted by Ellen DeGeneres, you will also remember how tightly packed people were in it. If only Bradley Cooper’s hands had been much longer, they could have had a perfect picture.

How about a drone with a camera hovering over our heads that can capture all our significant moments automatically? That is what called a dronefies

Dronefies is the photos captured by a drone or a quadcopter hovering in the air and that which can be controlled by us. Drones equipped with High Definition cameras can capture anything between a normal picture to a bird’s eye view of a scenic beauty. The relative ease with which they can be positioned gives them an edge over selfie sticks which can be extended only up to a small distance in the air.

As much as it hurts to admit, drone selfies will be hard to rely upon, particularly, if a drone along with its external setups has to be carried everywhere and assembled from scratch to take a few pictures. But what if drones can be designed small enough to fit into our pockets?

Then it will be the easiest and the best way to take pictures. Drones can be designed to slide and fold over themselves to make it fit into our hands and pockets. When these small drones are tossed in the air, they can open up into their true forms to enable themselves to fly in the air and capture our wonderful moments without any hassle. Again they can be folded back to their original arrangement. Doesn’t it feel like a sci-fiction movie? Maybe yes, but it is for real.

Many companies have started designing drones which are very small exclusively for the purpose of aerial photography & Videography. These drones may look small but they can perform wonderful tasks. Some drones can even capture and stream videos. And what more! They even have cameras that can be adjusted and positioned according to our needs. Such drones are designed with automatic flight stabilisation systems that enable them to maintain a stable height and position even during windy conditions. This feature is very important as pictures and videos taken using drones may be susceptible to shakes and blurs if the drone is unstable. They also come with higher battery rating and memory capacity than normal drones as it is an important necessity. That is how a drone is used for capturing images.

Advantages of using Dronfies or drones for Selfies:

  • No need to carry selfie sticks around to take a good photo
  • Drones are small enough to take indoor photos as well
  • Instead of having to worry about the position of our arms, we can get ready for a candid image
  • With dronefies, there is no need to try to fit into the camera frame.
  • Drones can be positioned as per our needs and desire

Best drones for dronefies in the market:

Since the last few years, many designers and manufacturers have started to roll out drones that are exclusively for taking pictures. The best two are listed below.

  • Air selfie:

Air selfie

It is a very small drone that is the size of a cover of iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy edge. It can literally serve as a mobile cover when not in use and can be tossed up in the air when it is time for selfies.

  • Hover camera Passport:

Hover camera Passport

with its face and body tracking features, it can follow a person for around 15 minutes and can be folded small enough to fit into a pocket. Also, it comes with a great dedicated camera and has zooming facilities. It can stay in a place or even orbit around a subject to create good quality candid pictures.

As you have seen, it is time to migrate from selfies to dronefies. Spend quality time with your friends and family and make sure to have dronefies to keep your memories fresh always.


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