Top 10 Best Chinese Drones under $50 [2020 Edition]


Initially drones were used by the military in situations where manned flight was considered too risky or difficult. But now they are becoming more and more common in everyday life as they have so many applications. If you thought that you had no use for these than these applications will make you surely buy one.

What are the uses of Drones??

You can attach various cameras and sensors to drones which make them capable of various tasks. They are perfect for aerial photography as the quality of cameras are getting day-by day. You can use them to capture memorable moments or for getting a footage of extreme sports very easily.

You can use them for fun also, like for racing, for pranks or for taking selfies. They also help you in surveillance of a particular area for your safety. Now they have been used by business persons for advertising or for delivering items. They are useful in farming too. I think these are enough reasons why you should get one for yourself….

Top 10 Best Chinese Drones under $50

Best Chinese Drones under $50

These mini flying machines are available in various price ranges, but if you are a beginner than low cost drones will be perfect for you. As we know, Chinese manufacturers are known for manufacturing high-quality products at low cost, we bring you here the best Chinese drones all under $50!

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#1 JJRC H33 RC Quadcopter

JJRC H33 RC Quadcopter

This drone is perfect for beginners as it is easy to use and is cost-effective as well. It doesn’t come with a camera so you can attach any camera to it for a perfect shot. It has built-in 6-axis gyro stabilization for a smoother and safer flight.

It gives you best performance in this price range with altitude hold, headless mode, one-key operation and 2.4GHz remote control. You can buy it at $21.56 from Gearbest, just click below!

Buy JJRC H33 RC Quadcopter

#2 JY018 Foldable RC Pocket Drone

JY018 Foldable RC Pocket Drone

This mini drone easily fits in your pocket as you can manually fold its arms easily. It is super-portable and comes equipped with a 720P resolution WiFi camera with adjustable angle. It provides clear FPV as well as good control.

It supports Altitude hold, headless mode and G-sensor mode for smooth and hassle-free shots. It is available at 25% discount in a flash sale offer of Gearbest. Just click below and grab it at just $26.99 before it goes out of stock..

Buy JY018 Foldable RC Pocket Drone

#3 JJRC H98 RC Drone

JJRC H98 RC Drone

This is another beginner level drone from JJRC with a 0.3MP camera. Its 6-axis gyro ensures a stable flight even in strong winds. It comes with colorful LED light which makes it suitable for flying in night as well. It has 360 degrees spin and 3D rollover function for a professional flight action.

It can fly for 6-8 minutes and can be controlled from 80m distance by a 2.4GHz remote control. You can buy it from Gearbest at a cheap price of $31.16 only.

Buy JJRC H98 RC Drone

#4 FY326 4 Channel RC Quadcopter

FY326 4 Channel RC Quadcopter

This quadcopter is suitable for indoor flights and can even fly in night with its LED lights. It can fly for 8-10 minutes and also performs 360-degree eversion function.

With 6 axis gyro you get a steady flight and can control it easily with a 2.4GHz remote control. It is very durable also and you can have it at just $31.82 on Gearbest.

Buy FY326 4 Channel RC Quadcopter

#5 TKKJ TK116W VITALITY RC Quadcopter


This is again a foldable drone which is super-portable and fits in your bag easily. It is equipped with a 720P WiFi camera with wide-angle lens which offers you real-time FPV within 30m range.

You can control it effortlessly with your smartphone and take photos and videos from a specific angle. You can set the flight path here with its waypoints function. It is available at 33% discount in a Gearbest flash sale, where you can buy it at just $35.99!!

Buy TKKJ TK116W VITALITY RC Quadcopter

#6  JJRC H23 RC Flying Car Drone

JJRC H23 RC Flying Car Drone

This RC drone can fly in the sky as well as run on the land like a car. Also you can control it from a long distance of 200m with RC transmitter. It performs 360-degree flips with just a click and you don’t need any professional skills to perform it.

It can fly at different speeds and has built-in positioning system for one-key return. You can fly it easily in dark nights as it comes with glowing LEDs. You can purchase it from Gearbest at just $37.27.

Buy JJRC H23 RC Flying Car Drone

#7 Global Drone GD89 Foldable RC Drone

GlobalDrone GD89 Foldable RC Drone - RTFThis portable drone has a foldable design and is equipped with 1080P HD camera. It comes with larger miliamperes batteries with LED battery indicator, which can be connected directly to fuselage for charging without disassembly. The aerial photography pictures can be fully controlled and viewed through a mobile App.

Other features include One-key return, Fixed height mode, 360-degree rolling, Headless mode, One-key taking off and landing, Track flight etc. You can buy this cool drone at just $41.99 on Gearbest by just clicking the link below.

Buy Global Drone GD89 Foldable RC Drone

#8 Hubsan H111C Mini Nano RC Quadcopter

Hubsan H111C Mini Nano RC Quadcopter

This drone from Hubsan has an ultra-small design and is perfect for indoor flights. It comes with 480P HD camera for capturing photos and recording videos. Its 2.4GHz transmitter is equipped with a 4.3 inch LCD screen monitor for video playback.

It can perform 360-degree flips and rolls with just one key control. It has multi-color LED lights which makes flight more spectacular in the dark. You can buy it at just $45.95 from Gearbest by clicking the link given below.

Buy Hubsan H111C Mini Nano RC Quadcopter

#9 SHENGKAI D97 Quadcopter

SHENGKAI D97 Quadcopter

This RC drone can be your best photography partner if you love travelling and adventure. With this you can get cool aerial shots and amazing footage from a bird’s eye view. It is equipped with 2MP HD camera for a wonderful FPV transmission.

Its throwing flight function and 360 degree rollover makes you flight experience more enjoyable. Here you can use your smartphone as FPV monitor as its transmitter comes with a phone holder. You can get it at just $46.28 from Gearbest by using the link given below.

Buy SHENGKAI D97 Quadcopter

#10 TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter

TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter

This RC quadcopter is another beginner friendly drone with a 720P 2MP HD camera. The camera has a 120-degree wide angle lens and wireless transfer so you can receive photos and videos directly on your smartphone.

It performs 360-degree flips very easily and its one key operations make it very easy to access. You can get it at 17% discount from Gearbest, where in a flash sale it is available at just $49.99.

Buy TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter

As I have mentioned before drones have plenty of uses and are not only just for fun. Here in the above list I have included the best Chinese drones under $50 with different specifications and different price range. For your convenience I have included respective buying links under each product where they are available at best prices. So, just choose your perfect pick and grab it before they are gone!!


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