Do you wonder what app to install on your Android or iOS? Do you want apps that help you in your day-to-day activities? Then here is an article that provides this and more answers. Through thorough research, programming homework service combined several applications that will help make your life easier.


Are you a music lover? Then here is a perfect app for you. It is an application that allows the user to stream music, and even download to listen to the music offline. All you have to do is subscribe, and you are good to go. It is free but has a nine dollars and ninety-nine cents offer for a no-ads experience. It comes in Android and iOS versions.

  • Mint


It is an app that helps you manage the way you spend your money. It combines your credit cards, bank accounts, investments, and other finance-based information. It then places it in a convenient place where you can access them and manipulate them. It helps you manage your accounts by creating a budget for you. It is free and is available on both Android and iOS.

  • Dark sky


It is a weather app that gives you frequent weather updates twenty-four-seven. It makes sure you know your daily weather occurrence. Get this app, and you will never get stuck in a storm again. It costs three dollars and ninety-nine cents and comes in the iOS version only.

  • Google Photos

Google Photos

If you love having an organized photo gallery, then here is an app for you. It organizes your photos perfectly and backs up your images to make sure you never lose them. You can search for an image according to the contents of the photo, for example, hills or lakes. The app is free and comes in both Android and iOS versions.

  • Google map

Google map

Never get lost again. Google map helps you navigate easily with both driving and walking route suggestions. It gives you traffic heads up to make sure you do not get stuck in traffic. The app is free and comes in both Android and iOS versions.

  • Venom


It is an app that helps simplify making payments to friends. The app requires a password, email, the apps’ username or phone number, and the transaction complete. It requires both parties to have the application and both parties must trust each other. The app is free and comes in both Android and iOS.

  • Messenger


Are you a Facebook lover? Then here is an app that might interest you. The Facebook messenger app offers a great chatting experience. It has video and voice call capabilities, and you can also share gifs, money, and much more. The app is free and comes in both Android and iOS versions.

  • Pocket


It is an app that allows the user to save downloaded articles in order to read them offline. The app has a  collection of articles and syncs your devices so that you can access them through multiple devices. Click here to find an article that you will save to your Pocket app. The app is free and comes in both Android and iOS versions.


Every day new applications are built and launched. Which makes it hard to find the best applications to use. But the applications mentioned in this article work towards making your life easier. Find your fit and let it change your life.


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