In 2021 WordPress plugins are the most effective on the online business. And in digital marketing trends, SEO plays a very important role in increasing page traffic. Because when you want to increase your website traffic, organic search is playing the most important role.

For example, you can take the Woo-commerce WordPress plugin for e-commerce websites. And For the best free WordPress themes, Ocean Wp and Astra are the best options.

The SEO plugin is playing the most important role in attracting page traffic and improving your page ranking. If you are going to survey the records, you will see how the WordPress plugin is moving your page ranking upwards. Because by only using the WordPress plugin, you are going to get the most effective and faster result.

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking

5 Best WordPress Plugin

When you are giving all of your efforts to create the content, you cannot attract them. And your page ranking is remaining in the same positions. So how to improve your page ranking and how to increase your page traffic. If you are searching down the internet, you will get hundreds of options, but very few are excellent and influential among these options.

Here is a list of the five best word press plugins. Check out the list.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular and efficient WordPress plugin. It has over 5 million certified users, and you can easily use the Yoast SEO Plugin. An easy handling feature is making this WordPress plugin popular.

Yoast SEO is showing the way to create the perfect content. When you insert the keywords, the SEO shows the accurate path to use the meta descriptions and titles.

Crafting the contents means you have to create the contents with the proper title and descriptions. Yoast SEO always analyzes these factors. They have both options like free use and register pro users.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math


Among all WordPress plugins, this is the best WordPress database plugin. Not only the best one, but Rankl Math is also relatively a newer one. Rank Math is not only helping you to build the word press SEO. It is optimizing the page contents.

The page optimization is playing a crucial role in the page ranking factors. The built-on SEO is highly intelligent. You can turn it on or off as per your requirements. Besides the page optimization, it can integrate the sites with the search console.

Rank math is a newer one, but Rank Math is becoming very popular among the users within a short span of time. They also have two options one is for the free users one for the premium users.

3. Jetpack


A jetpack is an all-one tool. If you are searching for any tool doing all types of marketing, design, performance, and security. Jetpack is increasing your page performance, and when you are accessing the faster loading page, the traffic will increase.

Jetpack WordPress plugin is giving complete security from malware and any types of virus. Jetpack automatically blocked spam messages by its inbuilt anti-spam features.

Jetpacks auto-backup options are making this plugin more popular. With one single click, you can simply take the backups. The Jetpacks measure your site’s up and downtimes.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps

Site maps are playing a very important role in improving your page SEO. Indexing your websites are very important to improving your page traffic. Google XML is doing better indexing in google, yahoo, and bling.

This plugin is supporting all kinds of newly created custom URLs.This added more value to your page. The contents are created every day. And every new content indexing is very important.

Many sites like educational sites and other information-related sites are going to need indexing fast. You can simply save the settings and use the settings in every content. The Google XML sitemaps are free. So, if the indexing of the new contents really matters for you, use the Google XML sitemaps.

5. Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO

Are you a beginner in the SEO field? Do not hesitate to take help from the Squirrly SEO. For beginners, SEO content optimizations are very important.

Not only the search engine optimizations, but you can also measure your audience’s engagements with the Squirrly SEO. With the advice of the Squirrly Word press plugin, you can improve the click-through rates of your page.

For beginners, the competitor’s page analysis is also very important. When you are using Squirrly SEO, it gives you the option to analyze your competitor’s page’s performance.

This suggestion is very effective for achieving higher ranking positions. If you are shifting to another WordPress plugin, Squirrly is going to send you the previous settings records.

Wrapping It Up:

SEO is playing the most important role in improving your website’s ranking, and for this reason, the popularity of the word press plugin is growing rapidly. Most of the beginners are facing lots of trouble handling page SEO, and they develop good engaging content.

But even though they cannot get good traffic. Now get relaxed and improve your page traffic by using WordPress plugins. So, what about your experiences? Do not forget to share your WordPress plugin using experiences with us.


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