If you own a TV and feel that the audio quality is not what you expect, then Soundbar is the best solution to get the cinematic effect around your house. In fact, the TVs that are manufactured are not given much thought to the sound quality. Moreover, the speakers on the TV are mostly at the back. That means to say, if you place the TV near a wall or wall mount it, the sound hits at the back wall, reducing the audio quality still. At the same time, the TV manufacturers are more inclined to give the best visual experience than the auditory intensity.

In such cases, you can use a Soundbar that shall increase the effectiveness of watching the Television; be it sports or movies. While there are many brands and models are available in India, is it good to buy here? Of course, yes, with the advanced technological features and excellent sound engineering in place, buying a soundbar in India is highly recommended.

What is a Soundbar?

Philips Soundbar
Philips Soundbar with Ambisound (Source: wikimedia.org)

It is a rectangular tube-like structure that has a series of speakers set inside. This rectangular unit can be connected to the TV for a memorable audio experience. In fact, this is widely considered the best unit for a home theatre setup.

Soundbars come with a variety of speakers and models. The one with stereo alone and ones with surround speakers, the size of the soundbar differs from model to model and so does the price.

Is it an Expensive Unit?

Well, if you have considered buying an expensive television set, then Soundbar might not sound expensive at all. In fact, the cost is directly proportional to the technology that you are looking at. Also, the space requirements at home and the connectivity options of your TV determines the price. All said and done, the soundbars that you find in India are not so high when it comes to their price.

Companies That Manufacture Soundbars in India

Almost, most of the electronic companies in India manufacture Soundbars. Samsung, Bose, Yamaha, Xiaomi, Boat and most of the top brands are constantly on the lookout for newer technological aspects to be incorporated in the soundbar.

Some soundbars are specifically made for QLED TVs. The elegant and stylish soundbar from Samsung is most recommended. You can indeed integrate this soundbar with the already existing speakers too.

Is it worth a Buy for indian home?

Soundbar for indian home
JBL Soundbar on the floor (source: www.flickr.com)

With the audio quality in TVs are usually low, you are in need of a soundbar to make the TV watching experience memorable. The home theatre setup is made easy these days. The best part is, you can install the speakers in no time and enjoy eclectic experiences as soon as you take them to your house.

All you have to do is,

  1. Check for the requirements at home. It can be, the budget, space, and connectivity option.
  2. Choose the one that suits them best for your house. As you are supposed to keep the soundbar either at the bottom of the TV or above, check if there is a provision to do so.
  3. If you are looking at a more intense music experience, go for the surround speakers. You can keep the surround speakers at the back of your sofa while you watch TV.

Even the softest of the voices can be picked up and it is indeed a fabulous purchase option for your home.

Few Soundbars to Ponder

  1. Yamaha YAS108B Soundbar Speaker: A sleek and powerful speaker set up
  2. Pioneer SBX-101 Bluetooth Soundbar and Subwoofer: Enjoy the woofer effect
  3. Sonos Beam: It is the perfect fit for most the TVs these days


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