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The television sets are designed in such a way that the visual aspects are given more priority. Incidentally, the speakers are usually placed at the back and the sound quality is not as good as the video. At the same time. Using a Soundbar can not only enhance the quality of the audio but also give an eclectic experience while watching Television programs, movies and sports.

There are a good amount of brands and models available in the market. That too, if you are planning to spend INR 5000 and touch less than that, you are sure to get the best of the devices for your home. Having said that, selecting the right soundbar can be a challenging task.

We have you covered by giving the top class Soundbar which is priced less than 5000.

Interestingly, for this price, you shall get Soundbars that have an audio output of 60W to 80W. That means to say, you are on target to set an immaculate home theatre pretty soon.

Top 7 Soundbars Under 5000

1. boAt AAVANTE BAR 1150 60 W

if you are looking for a room-filling sound system at home, this must be the right pick. The incredible sound technology model comes at a reasonable price.


The dynamic drivers in the device give an incredible sound effect. The design of boAt AAVANTE is pretty good. It has a slim and lightweight feature that allows you to keep it without grabbing much space too.

The soundbar has several connectivity options, while BlueTooth makes it portable as well. The overall experience in using this model is commendable. Further, the remote control that comes along with this soundbar makes it more convenient for you to operate.


  • Sleek Premium design from boAt
  • Wireless and wired forms of connectivity
  • Auto switch off mode


  • No HDMI Support
  • Average bluetooth connectivity

2. ZEBRONICS Juke bar 3500 60 W

The performance of ZEBRONICS Juke bar 3500 6 is indeed excellent. With rear channels and a good speaker, the effect gives you an immersive experience every time you watch the TV.


Even the mildest of the dialogues is picked and you can hear it very clearly. The design is incredible too. A sturdy exterior and sophisticated design make it more durable than many soundbars that are available in the market.

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ZEBRONICS Juke bar is a lightweight device that can be wall mounted too. The high-fidelity speakers make the device offer crystal clear sound and the quality is always enhanced. You can also stream music wirelessly, thanks to the BlueTooth technology feature available in the ZEBRONICS Juke bar.


  • Support USB/AUX/ HDMI
  • Superb bass quality in this price range.


  • Featureless remote (no Blutooth option)

3. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900, 80W

Top-quality sound effects with 80W audio output are the best choice for bigger TV rooms. This is from the same company as before, the difference lies in the sound output.

Further, the soundbar is not suitable for smaller rooms as in a good amount of volume, the room may blare with sound and you may experience vibration. The power consumption is pretty less and it is preferred a lot by people who look to the party most of the time at home.

A portable make can be carried anywhere you want. Of course, BlueTooth connectivity helps you connect smartphones and other devices too.


  • The subwoofer makes the sound louder
  • HDMI, Aux connectivity option


  • Again, poor quality remote.

4. Blaupunkt SBA40 60W

German engineering is named for its precision in terms of technological output. This is a masterpiece. In fact, a 60W output is more than sufficient for medium to big sized TV rooms. An ultimate design feature makes it the best choice for many.

Blaupunkt SBA40 60W

This looks like a home décor that one may consider buying it. The BlueTooth 5.0 technology-enabled device can be used to carry it as you are travelling too. Connect your smartphones ad switch on any music Apps to enjoy unlimited music.

The balanced speakers available offers top-notch sound quality. The multiple connecting options make it a versatile device in the market at the moment.


  • Slim design
  • Aux audio support


  • No sub-woofer

5. Portronics Pure Sound 1 60W Wireless Soundbar 

This is one of the less expensive options you have on the list of excellent soundbars. The cinematic experience is guaranteed and would not burn your wallet too.

Portronics Pure Sound 1

You will definitely find this as a good value addition to the TV for its enhanced connectivity options and the wireless mode of streaming too. Pure Sound as the name suggests is apt as it picks even the softest of the sounds from TV.

You may place this at the bottom of the TV or above. The experience is the same. Portronics Pure Sound 1 is preferred by people who would want to set up a home theatre at a budget rate. You may be amazed at the setup as the result is going to flatter you altogether.


  • buit FM, Radio (Good FM connectivity)
  • Feature rich remote.


  • No subwoofer
  • NO SD Card slot

6. Philips Audio HTL2060 60 Watt

This is the soundbar with a sub-woofer that gives an immaculate experience as you listen to music.

Philips Audio HTL2060

The bass is excellent and one may like to use it for any type of party. The sound quality is excellent, by setting the volume at the right levels, you will enjoy its company in any mood. Wall brackets are in-built, which means to say, you can wall-mount it wherever you want.

Further, it is lightweight thus enabling you to change the location of the soundbar at your will. The metal grill available in the soundbar offers a superior quality sound that you would not have experienced before.


  • Bluetooth, USB, HDMI connectivity option
  • Subwoofer
  • PHILIPS Brand trust


  • High Price compared to other soundbars.

7. Artis BT-X5 60 Watts

This is priced reasonable and well below 5000. Artis BT-X5 60 Watts shall raise the bar of your movie experience. With excellent sound output, the 4 driver set up is good for a medium-sized room.

Artis BT-X5 Soundbar

The bass sound is superior to any of the soundbars in this list. You can customize the output depending on what you are watching. Say for example, if you are watching a movie and particular about the speech or the voice, you may set it up.

The same goes good for an immaculate music experience too. You can wall-mount the speaker and the metal mesh gives excellent sound quality as you watch any TV programmes at home.


  • Wireless connectivity option
  • Built in Amplifier
  • Special 3D Sound mode


  • Didn’t find any.

With the wide range of soundbars available in the market, you may choose the one that best suits your home requirement. Of course, the size of the room matters a lot in this regard and we recommend Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR the best for any type of room. The well-engineered soundbar not only offers good quality sound but also comes at a cost-effective price. More importantly, it is durable and adds value to the money.


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