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You need a soundbar even if you own an expensive TV at home. Yes, the audio quality of the Television sets is not always the best. The engineers who design the TV shall focus more on the visual output than the audio.

In such cases, soundbars can be of great support to get an immersive TV watching experience. There are a lot of brands and models available in India. Each one of them is on par with the current and future technological needs. This makes one challenged in selecting the right soundbar for your TV and your home. We have also covered an article on how to choose a soundbar in india. You can also checkout this blog.

This article shall feature the top 7 Soundbar that is not only priced under 2000rs but also has a power output less than 16W, which means to say, you can cut down on your power bills too.

Top 7 Soundbar In India Under 2000 INR

1# boAt Aavante Bar 500

This is one of the best soundbars in the market. You can feel every beat of the music and can take you to immersive mode while watching TV.

boAt Aavante Bar 500 Soundbar

The stereo sound effect is eclectic and the best part is, the audio power output is 6W. Interestingly, this is a portable soundbar that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. With 10 Hours of run time, Aavante Bar 500 offers longer entertainment time.

The device has a built-in mic too. As you carry it out, you need not worry about the Aux cables or any other connectivity cables, BlueTooth 5.0 is sufficient for you to connect with your phones too.


  • Support for HDMI, Optical input & Bluetooth
  • Digital audio power amplifier
  • Premium finishing


  • No HDMI cable with the product
  • Poor remote quality

2# boAt Aavante Bar 550

The audio output of boAt aavante 550 is amazing and one can enjoy an incredible party time. The wireless range of 10m with BlueTooth 5.0 is the same as the previous one, but for the sound quality, you will be interested in this.

boAt Aavante Bar 550 Soundbar

The cinematic audio experience is guaranteed. The deep bass and the balanced stereo output make it an excellent pick for your house. This is also portable and you can carry it for the picnic as well. The soundbar has various other connectivity options with AUX, TF card, and USB making it a versatile home theatre appliance. The device comes with a remote control making it easy for you to operate.


  • Multiple Connectivity Modes
  • Superb bass quality in the budget range
  • TF Card Support


  • No FM or Radio connectivity

3# iGear Delight 10 Watts

Rich and clear sound quality is what you are looking for?, then iGear Delight is the best option for you. One might think that the product is a touch more expensive than the previous two, but it is worth the money.

iGear Delight 10 Soundbar

The wireless speaker comes with rechargeable batteries and the run time is 3 to 4 hours solid. The device has multi-input options with the BlueTooth for the wireless speaker functionality too. The excellent design and slim exteriors make it look elegant and cool. The lightweight model is most preferred in the market at the moment.


  • Wireless soundbar at a budget price.
  • 12000mah battery with 6-8 hours backup.
  • FM Radio
  • TF/SD Card slot


  • The sound is not as high compared to others.
  • No Remote option

4# Ubon SP-70 Cool Bass Portable Speaker

This is the least expensive model on the list. The 10W output with rechargeable batteries in-built is the right pick for budget purchasers. The speaker has a memory card slot that you can connect to play the music too.

Ubon SP-70 Cool Bass

The wireless speaker works on BlueTooth as well with a distance of 10 meters from the source. Interestingly, this device stands charge for 6 hours with just 2 hours of complete charging. You can connect your smartphone or your laptop to it and play unlimited music. This soundbar is not only less expensive but also compact when compared to most of the devices in the market.


  • Wireless soundbar under 1000Rs!
  • Superb bass at this price range
  • Micro SD & USB Port availability


  • Average bass
  • The length of the Aux cable is quite short.

5# Blaupunkt SBA20F 16 W Bluetooth Soundbar

The cutting-edge audio technology from Germany is the most picked by the people in recent times. The incredible audio technology incorporated makes it the most durable soundbars in India.

Blaupunkt SBA20F Soundbar

That too for the price, it is too much to ask for. The superior quality soundbar keeps you in a trance while you listen to music. A completely immersive experience is always on the cards. With this blaupunkt soundbar you can connect this device to any device right from TV to your smartphone. With 7 hours of battery run time, Blaupunkt SBA20F 16 W Bluetooth Soundbar is the best in the league. The speaker is of lightweight category and you may carry it wherever you go.


  • Trusted German brand
  • Bluetooth, SD card support


  • Poor FM Connectivity
  • Average Bass
  • No charging light indication (quite irritating sometimes)

6# Portronics POR-891_Pure Sound PRO-3 

The device comes with powerful speakers and amplifiers that allow you to stay entertained every time you want to listen to music. Fabulous audio output due to the best signal-to-noise ratio.

Portronics POR-891 Soundbar

The Portronics POR-891 is the best buy for people looking for models in the mid-range of prices. You will be able to connect any of the latest devices to the soundbar and enjoy the sound of music. The 2500mAH powerful battery lasts for up to 7 hours with a single charge. The blend of the unbeatable price of high-quality sound makes it an excellent soundbar in India under 2000.


  • Amazing glossy finish
  • 7 hrs long battery life
  • USB support


  • Average sound quality compare to others
  • FM-connectivity is very poor.
  • Average button quality

7# F&D E200 3W 2.0 Channel Wired Soundbar – Black

As everyone knows, better sound comes from the best designs, F&D E200 3W 2.0 Channel Wired Soundbar – Black has an excellent design that offers high-quality sound with 3W output.

F&D E200 3W Soundbar

Though the USB connectivity is devoid of connecting the device to the power socket, a 5V adaptor shall do the job excellently. A slightly heavier model and hence durable too. Not recommended for wireless connectivity as it is not available. It can be used as a tabletop speaker and it is worth the money. With two stereo speakers, you can enjoy the music in any mood.


  • The best sound in the budget range you will ever experience


  • No USB support
  • No rechargeable battery

There are many aspects that you might have to think about as you purchase a soundbar. Budget being one, however, a device with more features is always recommended.

We are in a competitive world where price and quality do meet, but there is an exception. In this case, Blaupunkt SBA20F is the best of the products for its price and sound quality. More importantly, it is highly durable and works for a lifetime. The exceptional factor is, the price is low, but the product is eternal.


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