Words have the power to build people up, confine people to where they are, and break people down. Everyone needs some inspiration and motivational quotes are considered best to provide you the edge you need to create success. The startup company What? has came up with the idea to infuse the power of words in people’s everyday lives in the form of a stylish watch. How cool is that now??

Quotes Watch Review

A simple yet stylish watch which shows you time, inspires you, connects you with your loved ones by a dedicated Quotes app and even allows you to construct your own words. This watch is a perfect combination of tradition and technology. The Quotes watch is all ready to be shipped in October 2018. Below we will discuss every specification of this art piece in detail.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design
Minimalistic Design

The design of this watch is kept simple and elegant with some modern elements to prevent distraction from the content. This watch is fully customizable and is available in five different colors white, black, orange, purple and grey. You can get purchase additional straps in ten more fun colors by spending some extra bucks.

Quote Watch available in five different colors.
Quote Watch available in five different colors.

This watch has a square shaped dial mounted with dot-matrix epaper touch display. You will find charging pins located on the back of the watch. It has got premium high-quality silicon straps with lined design for comfort. It can be worn by both men and women.

The Quotes App for Connectivity

This watch supports both Android and iOs devices and can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. By using this app you can receive quotes from your favorite Twitter channel directly on your watch and customize your watch more, which I will talk about in the next section. All this sounds pretty interesting Isn’t it?

What else you can do?

Well, as I said this watch is fully customizable which means you can set it according to your preferences very easily. Now, I am going to tell you about its every feature.

  • Choose what you wanna see-

The default screen of the watch shows both time and text. But, if you want to see just time all you have to do is swipe left. And swipe right if you want the screen to show only text.

  • Customize fonts-
Customize fonts
Customize fonts gives your watch a new look every time!

You can read your text in your favorite font-style here. Just pick yours from the many appealing fonts from the Quotes app.

  • Themed Style Filters-

If you are tired of reading quotes in plain text, this watch is offering you so many themed style filters. You can make your quotes more interesting and appealing by choosing one of the many style filters available on app.

  • Be the creator-
Choose your Style
Choose your Style

Yes, you can create your own quotes to display on your watch by using app. You can also write reminders, tips or anything which is under 140 words. Interesting right!

  • Customize Quotes based on category-

When you choose to display quotes from the database of Quotes app, you get another customizing option. You can choose the most inspiring quote categories according to you. Just like you select a Facebook or Twitter page.

  • Like it or Skip it-

If you don’t like the quote appearing on your watch display, you can easily skip it by swiping down. In the same way, if you like it just swipe up.

  • Choose the life of your text-

The quote on watchface will be replaced automatically according to time period set by you, whether every few minutes, hours or only once in a day.

  • Unicode Support

You can display virtually anything in any language on your Quotes watch. Be it characters from any language, musical notes, different graphics and even math equations; everything is up to you.

  • Your Personal Messenger

Yes, it can be your personal messenger too. You can decide who can send you messages through your watch. A good way to cut out negative people, right?

  • Long Battery Life
Long Battery Life in Quote Watch
4 days Battery Life!

Just charge your Quotes watch once and you are good to go for 4 days!. Also it offers hassle-free charging as the charging cable and pins are magnetically aligned. Moreover, if you want more convenient charging, the company is offering an optional charging dock. Just lay your watch on charging dock and that’s it.

Final Thoughts

Quotes watch is simple yet has a unique appeal in it. Its fully customizable design with app support and 10 different colored straps add fun element too. It is something different and innovative which has never done before. In an era of high-tech hybrid smartwatches, it can be a fresh boost of energy and inspiration which somewhere we all are looking. As it is made with an emotional connect, it constantly reminds us what is more important. Let’s see if it can speak to the younger gadget freak generation or not. But, for me there is no harm in trying something different by spending a little amount of money.

Prices & Availability

You can book Quotes watch on Kickstarter and the company will start shipping it internationally from October 2018.  There are different prices according to availability and packages, all of which are listed below:-

Single Watch:

1 (Limited to 150 pcs.) €75
1 (Limited to 300 pcs.) €89
1 (Unlimited Amount) €99

Set For Two:

2 (Limited to 75 pcs.) €115
2 (Limited to 150 pcs.) €129
2 (Unlimited Amount) €145

Deluxe Package:

4 Watches+4 Wristbands+4 Charging docks €299


1 Additional Strap €12
1 Charging Dock €20

Reference: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1540240985/quotes-watch-the-art-of-words


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