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No.1 F5 Review: Perfect Budget smartwatch for health conscious people!


Smartwatches are in this season but we tend to get confused when it comes to choosing the right one for us. There are so many of them available on the market and each of them comes with different features but another factor like price also matters a lot. No 1 F5 OLED Real-time smartwatch is a comparatively low range product with high-quality features. This watch is probably one of the best smartwatches available for a sports person.

Key Features of No 1 F5 OLED smartwatch:-

Before starting the detailed review, let see the amazing features of this smartwatch.

  • 24 hour heart beat record!
  • Wrist thermometer
  • Scientific training
  • Altitude barometer
  • Smart notification
  • GPS system
  • Daily step recorder
  • Sleep monitor
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Auto wake-up
  • Waterproof
  • Touch key

Whats in the Box!

No.1 F5 BOX
No.1 F5 Smartwatch Unboxing!

No.1 F5 Comes in a tiny White box. There are 3 things in total you will find in the box.

No.1 F5 Box
3 item in the box

  1. A No.1 F5 Smartwatch
  2. One special charging cable
  3. Operating Manual

No 1 F5 OLED smartwatch Review

Size and design

No 1 F5 OLED smartwatch Design
No 1 F5 OLED smartwatch Design

The entire length of this smartwatch is 255mm. The dial length is 53mm and the width of the dial is 33mm. The dial is sleek and measures only 13mm. This smartwatch is well built and its design is very classic.

No.1 F5 Vs Zeblaze Thor Size Comparison)
No.1 F5 Vs Zeblaze Thor Size Comparison)

Earlier i was using zeblaze thor smartwatch, which has a way bigger dial! The dial of this smartwatch is of medium size, which is perfect for any kind of wrist. 

This smartwatch can be paired with any outfit to jazz it up. The band of this watch is breathable and composes of two different colours. The design is unique and stereophonic in nature. The screen of this watch is coloured which adds to its beauty. The watch is made up of the third generation corning glass and the band is detachable. Additionally, the frame of this watch is carbon fibre.

Built-n GPS sensor

As mentioned earlier this smartwatch is perfect for an athlete or a health freak in general. It provides a trace record and everything that it records it totally correct. This smartwatch’s function is not only restricted to running or walking, its functions are also available for other physical activities such as cycling, football, hiking, cycling training etc.

The device accurately detects and records the distance, trajectory and calories burned while doing any of the above-mentioned activity.

Smart notification

After you have connected your smartphone with this smartwatch, you don’t have pull out your phone thousand times a day whenever there is a notification. This device is capable of displaying all the notification on its screen. It displays information about the notification content. Additionally, it also supports third-party app such for example wechat, SMS and much more.

Altimeter & thermometer

Real time Temperature Sensor
Real time Temperature Sensor

Wouldn’t it be nice if you will be able to know the accurate height you are at? The device comes with a built-in altitude or pressure sensor which shows exact data. As the data provided by this smartwatch is accurate, it is reliable also. It measures height based on the internal real-time altitude sensor and then generates data based on it.

It also has a feature, from which you can measure the real time temperature, which is a very rare feature for a budget smartwatch!

Barometric pressure

This device is also very helpful for a person who has altitude sickness. The device comes with an internal pressure sensor which helps in measuring the atmospheric pressure and thus helps in generating air pressure trend diagram.

All you have to do is open the barometer function and then make changes according to the measurement results to clear the capacity and make further arrangements according to your travel needs.

Scientific running experience

This device is unique in its own way as it makes your running experience fully scientific in nature as it comes with a combination of heart rate range. The cardio-pulmonary function of this device helps in improving the cardiovascular endurance and a physical fitness of an individual. The muscular strengthening heart rate 153-170 BPM helps in stimulating muscle formation. Additionally, the fat burning heart rate 113-133 makes improvement in endurance to burn.

24 Hrs heart rate Monitoring in No.1 F5
24 Hrs heart rate Monitoring in No.1 F5

Warm-up exercise also becomes informative with this device as it provides full information on it as well. The warm-up exercise heart rate i.e. 95-113 BPM. This is the normal heart rate when a person relaxes, warm-ups or in fatigue recovery stage. In addition, anaerobic exercise heart rate is also measured i.e. 171-189 BPM. It helps in improving the anaerobic exercises capacity which in turn helps in maximizing the strength and speed.

Battery capacity

Once you charge your smartwatch, the charge will last up to 3 weeks and you do not have to charge it again and again. It comes with a third generation battery which has high performance. The battery capacity of the smartwatches 350mAh. The low-power chip design of this smartwatch helps in saving the battery consumption up to 80%.

Magnetic USB- Charging Cable
Magnetic USB- Charging Cable


For re-charging purpose a special magnetic cable is provided, which you can use directly with your smartwatch!

Other features

This watch also has other common features which include Bluetooth function, receiving calls, Android OS and supports a wide variety of languages.

Final Words

So we can see that this smartwatch is clearly having a very new concept and the price is also very affordable. So what are you waiting for? Go grab one for yourself as well.


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