infinity flex display

Infinity Flex Display: Samsung folding smartphone is here, a technology that was thought to be futuristic, is already here!

After weeks of spoilers, Infinity Flex display has finally been presented during the Samsung Developer Conference 2018

infinity flex display


As you can see in the images, it’s a raw device, with thick layout and squared borders, but.. man it’s a folding device!

At a first sight it may seem a simple, outdated 7.3 inches tablet, but it is not.

You can easily fold it just like when you close your wallet and put it in your pocket jeans, and yes, it turns into a normal smartphone!

As announced by Samsung, this brand new device may run till 3 applications opened, at the same time. The display is made of two screens, and one of them is subdivided into other two parts.

The folding capability is given by a new plastic material used to build the screen. It gives the possibility to fold it over and over again, without noticing any signs of deformation.

Even though it is just a prototype, Samsung is fully convinced that it will be able to begin mass production within some months (and we believe them, it’s Samsung after all…)

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If this AIO ( all in one ) device will be popular, the market of tablets will definitely go down. Who will be prone to buy just a tablet, when you can have also a handy smartphone?


Will it really be able to keep display consistency after thousands of opening-closing actions?
If all the components are located only in the bigger part, will they overheat?
Will the display show any signs of wear and tear, time passing by?

We will be able to answer these, and other questions only when it will be available in the market, so we can only wait (with a bit of hype) that moment!


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