The auto industry is one of the fast-changing sectors of the economy, and it is just so evident especially with recent development in latest auto features, upgrades, and specs. One of the primary drivers of this development is legislation and customer demand. Technology features in autos revolve around new legislation by a country, or it could likely be as a result of popular demand from top customers of these auto manufacturers. One of such advent is the Pioneer Apple CarPlay which is believed to have surfaced as a result of changes in customer tastes and preferences. Aside from this, there are other notable ways the auto sector has benefited from technology, and just a few are explained below.



One notable invention in the area of auto is the advent of internet-enabled vehicles. And it was recently discovered by researchers that about 18% of cars have internet compatibility functions. And it is expected that the rate will rise tremendously in the nearest future.

This has also made it possible for vehicles to communicate with each other. A good instance is the introduction of an intelligent transport system that is meant to alert drivers of traffic situations and speed control systems to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers.


Electric vehicles are beginning to emerge as an automotive choice among different road users. It is estimated that electric cars will be in high demand by the year 2035. The fact is that these electric cars are far easier to drive, they make less noise on the road, and they outweigh vehicles with internal combustion engines. They are less expensive and require low maintenance compared to petrol driven vehicles.


The auto industry has witnessed the introduction of autonomous vehicles in the market, whereby some or even all driving responsibilities are taken from the driver. These automated vehicles have some essential independent features such as an automated parking system and an adaptive cruise control system. Some researchers in Tokyo are using a potential ant-theft device in cars. The idea is that a carjacker will be alerted to input a password when he tries to sit behind the wheel and zoom off. The car is programmed to automatically detect a different driver and unless the password is inserted, the car will remain motionless. This will certainly act as an anti-theft measure to discourage those who engage in it.


Gone are the days when cars were made by hands constructively until the last stage of production. Today, we are seeing cars being mass produced using technology from robotic engineering. The technology behind the manufacturing of vehicles has undergone dramatic changes within the past decades. You can hardly find an auto company that manufactures cars by hand. Robots have overtaken the critical functions in the factories such as welding and lifting. Humans only evaluate the work to ensure nothing is left behind, and everything is in shape. The technology in the auto industry has resulted in auto companies employing few workers and engaging more robots instead.


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