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INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review– Things to know before buy


Many people from all over the world enjoy the popularity of activity and fitness trackers. However, in most cases, trackers are perfect because they will help you exercise and you can sync their functions to be more professional and with numerous features.

INCHOR InClock Blood Measure SmartWatch Review
INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review

The best thing about InClock is that you will enjoy in this fantastic fitness smartwatch. According to users from all over the world, different features make it excellent companion and much convenient because it looks similar to regular watch which makes you look prettier and more powerful.

INCHOR InClock Smart Watch: Design and Quality

We have to start with the design and say that INCHOR InClock contains 38x38x13 mm in dimensions and 65g in weight, which makes it convenient because of lightweight. It includes 0.42 OLED screen where you can enjoy in 72×40 resolution.

Inchor smartwatch Design and Quality

It is made with resistant crystal face as well as stainless steel body for sturdiness, which means that you can enjoy using it without any additional problem.

It is available in brown and black color. Inside the box you will get a smartwatch, charging base, a USB cable, and user manual. It is beautiful and convenient for both females and males.

INCHOR InClock Smart Watch: Display

INCHOR InClock Smart Watch: Display

It comes with OLED screen which is convenient because this particular type of display doesn’t take much battery. The display is excellent because of 72 x 40 resolution, and the size is 0.42 inch which is convenient to see everything that you are interested in.

INCHOR InClock Smart Watch: Hardware and Software

Similar to most smartwatches you will enjoy in professional features and everything that goes with it. It is perfect for taking it outside or inside and enjoy all the way. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and you can sync it with a smartphone so that you can receive texts and notifications.

It comes with new Bluetooth 4.0 versions that work on excellent working range up to eight meters, which is far more convenient than other professional smartwatches available on the market.

INCHOR InClock Smart Watch: Special Features

The best thing about this fantastic smartwatch is that you can enjoy in blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor and fitness tracker that will keep your sleep patterns and steps. Because of significant Bluetooth, you can quickly follow your progress on your smartphone.

Heart Rate sensor in Inchor Inclock Smartwatch
Heart Rate sensor in Inchor Inclock Smartwatch

You will also get the possibility to get email alerts and social media notifications and even six different alarms that will keep you stay on track in case of busy days.

When you use it regularly, you can keep track of daily activities and create healthier choices because of blood pressure monitor. It is designed with professionals in mind, which means that it blends for all events such as essential meetings, airport, office or special nights out. There are lots of data that you can collect with it, so it is excellent for wearing it on a daily basis.

Other noticeable features:

  • Alarm
  • Anti-lost alert
  • Calorie burns
  • Calls reminder
  • Distance measurement
  • Notifications
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Pedometer
  • SMS reminder

INCHOR InClock Smart Watch: Battery Life

Battery type is Lithium-polymer that contains the capacity of 85mAh which means that you can use it for lots of time without charging. It can work with up to two months of standby time which is perfect when you compare it with other smartwatches. In the same time, you will get fully-operational charger and USB cable in case that you want to charge for PC or laptop.

Pros & Cons


  • Great special features that will keep your fitness on track
  • You can sync it with any iOS and Android smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0
  • It is beautiful and convenient for both females and males.


  • It comes only in two colors: black and brown

Why Buy:

We have presented your thorough review of INCHOR InClock Smartwatch. In case that you want to purchase it, we recommend you to research a bit and read everything that we have mentioned here so that you can determine if you wish to buy it or not. In both cases, if you wish to affordable fitness tracker with lots of features that will keep you involved and in the game, you should choose this particular one.

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