New HONOR Watch

The interactive design of the new HONOR Watch is as follows. Sliding up and down, left and right from the main screen, the most commonly used functions, more commonly used function settings and mobile phone setting functions, and commonly used functions (heart rate, weather, pressure detection, QR code, music control, motion recording, etc.) appears. You can press the key to bring up all the function menus, and then display them.

New HONOR Watch

More details can be found in the mobile phone sports health APP. In addition, heart health tests and sleep apnea tests also need to be used in mobile phone APP.

The main interface of the screen slides from bottom to top to display SMS notification. You can raise your hand and have a look at the information when washing dishes, driving or cycling. If it is not urgent, you can wait until you have time to reply, thus avoiding a lot of trouble.

You can slide down to display the menu of commonly used settings. Such as constant bright screen, searching mobile phone, alarm clock setting, etc. There are the mobile phone’s screen display, vibration, exercise, touch transmission, use guide, system menu and other settings are all in the settings button below.

Left and right sliding displays common functions, including heart rate, weather, pressure detection, QR code, music control and motion recording. Among them, weather and QR codes are used relatively more.

The keys under the main screen bring up all function menus and then display them in different levels. Among them, the more concerned functions include heart rate detection, pressure monitoring, blood and oxygen drinking, degree and sleep. Some of these courses and trainings are quite good, such as deep breathing.

These functions are not only useful for young people, but may also be a good choice for elders in the family. It is not as important to care about anything as to care about health.

HONOR Watch review

New HONOR Watch has the most important exercise health function. It is still not enough to find out the problem just by testing, but we must also give the best possible solution. According to different problems, there will be targeted sports courses and sports modes.

For example, there are 12 courses in the lower catalogue under the exercise menu. For example, sedentary and soothing office shoulders and necks are targeted courses. If you are tired after working for a long time, your waist is sore and your back is painful, and your neck and shoulders are uncomfortable, you can take these courses.

After finishing, the neck will feel much more comfortable after a while. In fact, you need to find the right way. If you can’t see the effect of sports, it will naturally hit the enthusiasm of sports.

In general, the functions of a smartwatch are very wide. Our life can get better and better with the help of wearable equipment.


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