HighRise is a new leaked malware for Android mobile systems

Some months ago, WikiLeaks started to release some interesting posts and news about leaked information, gathered from an unknown person who worked at CIA.

As time passes the information grew even more and today we have another tool discovered from the so called VAULT 7.

VAULT 7 is the name of the collection of the various hacking tools mostly used by CIA/NSA to perform their illegit attacks.

Today we are talking about HighRise, and this, is not just a tool.

HighRise is an Android application, installable like other applications on your device.

When you have it on your phone it has another name: TideCheck.

But it’s not like other apps.

How does it work?

It has to be manually installed on the victim’s device and initialized typing “inshallah” when requested.

NOTE: “inshallah” just means “if God wants it” from arabic

highrise ciahighrise cia

What does it do?

Its main aim is to intercept messages and send them to some controlled server where, who is doing the job, can manage them.

But that’s not all.

  • Send message remotely to victims phone
  • Open a communication channel between vicitm and main server
  • Communicate via internet using the TLS/SSL protocols

Fortunately this app can officially support just Android versions from 4.0.4 to 4.3

But no one can assure that they have already developed an updated version.

What does WikiLeaks do?

What WikiLeaks shares online is just the 5% of what they have in their hands.

If you are interested, you can take a look to this document uploaded by WikiLeaks.

They share just the simpler and the less-scaring stuff, because if they posted all the material they had, something really bad could happen at international level.

You have just to be aware that those are simple tools.

You can find other files about CIA hacking tools, just at this link.

Government associations like CIA and NSA, have the entire arsenal to do whatever they want to whoever they desire.

What can you do to protect your privacy?

  • Reduce permissions on your device
  • Be careful when surfing the net
  • Do not just click accept on everything
  • If possible, switch to a Linux distro
  • A pinch of common sense

Final thoughts

Internet has been one of the most beautiful things of the last decades, but now it is becoming the worst one.

Use it with awareness and your privacy will not be HACKED!


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