COP ROSE X6 Smart Robot Window cleaner Review

Tired of vacuum cleaners? Looking for ways to get rid of them?? This review will give you a detailed explanation as to why you need to give them away. Our hero for today is the COP ROSE X6 Robotic window cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are making a decline in sales these days where as the robotic vacuum cleaners have taken up a steady position of the vacuum cleaners. What made it so special is that its compactness and the operation that it performs. Its size is a very impulsive attraction.

COP ROSE X6 Smart Robot Window cleaner

We had trouble times trying to find places for the vacuum cleaners. No worries with these. They would rightly fit in the small gap between the base of the Sofa and the floor. The extreme compactness is just an eye catcher. Check In the review below to know more about this friendly Robot.

Function & Working

Function & Working

If you are someone who becomes a couch potato when it comes to cleaning then this guy would be your sweet pal. Give him the electric power and with just one switch click he is all set to give you perfectly dust-free surrounding.  Cleaning Windows is a nightmare for most of us. If you reside by a very busy road then cleaning the windows would be an every-day job for you. Fix him up and all you need to do is just watch him clean the windows leaving behind a very shiny and a perfectly clean new window.

What’s in the box?

When you are unboxing the device you will find a lot of supporting tool that just help you activate the device.

  • REMOTE :

Remote control of Cop Rose X6 smart robot cleaner

A small remote with direction buttons will help you move your robot in the desired direction. The robots can be directed heading North, South, West and East. The remote is extremely comfy and very clear. It can be conrolled up to 15 mtr of distance. Comfortness is highly demanded in any device. This machine can be even handled by very old-aged people. Understanding its operation would be a simple task for them. The operation is just like how you ride a remote car. The remote needs to be fed with batteries and then you are all set to drive your robotic cleaner right from the couch.


This sheet gives you a clear guidance and approach to this device.  Right before you start you just need to go through the art of driving him so there are no hassles and confusions generated.


They are important tools in this kit because they are the ones which gives the power to the robots. You just need to plug and play. The plug goes right into the socket and the robot is energized and all set to remove every inch of dust frame by frame. If you have a King sized room then no worries because your are given with extendable cables that lets your device to reach a very great distance and height.



The cleaning pads helps you to get rid of the dirt easily. They are removable, soft and washable. The main purpose of this is to prevent the glass products from any scratches on the glass panes.


Finally we have the robot itself. It is a very elegant build and very unique in its design.  It becomes a very handy product giving you a feel of feather’s on hands. It has the power button , cleaning wheels and the charging plug. It is indeed totally surprising to see how it is actually gripping on the wall and roaming about. When equipped with the super fiber cloth it cn clean the glass smoothy.

Sneak Peek on the Robot

I am quite taken away by the design. It just resembles a weighting machine. This simple approach is design will be very appreciable among the many office-going home makers. If you are someone who needs an assistant with cleaning then smart cleaner would be your great Tech-assistant. There may arise a lot of confusion and queries when you let a machine do stuff. What If the machine mis-functions?  What If the machine falls down?  I would simply say power the robot and forget the robot.  The device is smart enough to sense the presence of objects and obstacles.  They know how to react to them.

Suction Power

It has got a very strong suction power. It never misses an atom of dust particles on the window that’s how careful and keen when he comes to cleaning. It has a very great customized cleaning program. The soft cloth never leaves any rough scratches on the window/ Glass panes. Comparing other devices in this category this product is the one with a really strong suction power.

Key Features of COP ROSE X6 Robotic cleaner

This robotic cleaner has two cleaning mode, Z shape or N-Shaped (As per the above pic). One such key feature of the product is the presence of Pressure sensor. This sensor would sense the real time temperature and pressure of the environment. The product is very compact and totally risk free. It is very simple to maintain the product. The device can run on any surface be it glass, floor, wood, marble etc. The product will glide on any form of surface and remove every frame of dirt.

Another Annoying thing about vacuum cleaner is the noise that it makes. That terrible noise would lit up the entire apartment. Robot cop would work quietly and greatly.

Pros & Cons


  • Very compact is size making it very handy and easy to use.
  • Whisper-quite operation
  • The soft cloth never leaves any streak marks or scratches
  • Budget friendly
  • No limitation in height


  • Vacuum cleaners have extendable tubes that will help us reach the corners in walls. But this product would not reach and remove the corner dirts.
  • There is not operation of the device with the help of smartphone.


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