google vs privacy

Google VS privacy, who is the winner?

Today all runs on smartphones.

Do you need something?

Just open the Play Store and start looking for an app that can accomplish your request.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Yes but you know, not everything that glitters is gold.

Applications can ease our lives, can save our precious time, but at the same time, they have to be controlled.

When you install an app, you do not just install a new package on your device.

You allow it a series of permissions, most of them harmful for your privacy.

Google VS privacy: What does Google do?

Google is developing a new algorithm created to take under control those beloved apps.

It is intended to gather apps in groups, analyze their permission requests and check if there is something wrong.

Follow my simple example

  • You have 3 messaging applications: Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat.
  • This new algorithm will put them in the “messaging” group.
  • It finds out that Telegram and WeChat use just four permissions, but WhatsApp ten.
  • Then it will notice you about the encountered problem
  • It will ask you to manage the permissions with the built-in permission manager.

Of course some apps may have different functions even if they are just “messaging” apps, so the algorithm has to be really precise during the scan.

Closing thoughts

This is another example of machine learning, since the program has to improve itself, detection after detection, in order to provide the most accurate service as possible.

Machine learning, AI and Augmented Reality just come together to shape Google Lens, a new way to improve technology and web services.

Here on we care about privacy and we want to make you really aware of what you can find on the web.

Internet can be one of the best things ever created by man, but it also contains some negative aspects which, if underrated, could harm your privacy.


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