Haier XShuai T370 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

In present scenario, due to busy and hectic schedule it is not possible for an individual to perform the cleaning in a well-satisfied manner, that led to the introduction of robotic vacuum cleaners that would help to overcome this issue and offer a hassle free cleaning experience. There are many popular brand in this sector like iLife, Roomba, Xiaomi, Seebest and Haier. Today we will discuss the brand new Haier Xshuai T370 Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

Design of Haier XShuaiCheck Price

Haier brand needs no introduction.The brand is widely accepted among the user due to their cost effective product with the best performance. The T370 RoboVac is the product that offers the best cleaning for you. With this, you will be able to clean the room as per requirement and also assists while you are looking to renovate the room.This device will surely captivate the mind of individual who are looking to purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner for the cleaning operation.

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Some noticeable features are

  • 2 Stage cleaning (Best for cleaning pet hair mess!)
  • App control
  • Amazon Alexa supported
  • Intelligent cleaning with Epson gyroscope mode
  • Good battery capacity with 120 mins cleaning time
  • Obstacle climbing
  • Automatic recharging
  • Anti collision design
  • For universal flooring

Review of Haier XShuai T370 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Design of the Product

Design of Haier T370 Robot Vacuum cleaner

T370 has the Ultrathin body (8cm) that is suitable for clean the areas under furniture that you cannot reach. At the top, all the buttons and the LED screen has been given.The robot body would help in featuring the high hardness that would help to prevent the robot from scratches. This Robo vac has Anti-collision design, The infrared sensor helps to abort the collision and ensure there should be no damage to the device while operating for the purpose of cleaning.

Bottom Haier XShuai T370

For the effective cleaning this vacuum cleaner use two brushes. Overall The lucrative design is surely something that you might love and slow down the pain of cleaning methods with this effective device. In the bottom, it has the powerful filter. The filter helps the long lifespan that operates with low noise and provides the 1500Pa Powerful suction.

Ease of Cleaning

It features the 2 stage cleaning system, brushes available on the side helps in pushing the debris toward the path in order to capture the dirt and dust left along the walls, and the effective suction will help in absorbing the debris from all types of floors. The device has 14.8 v 2600maH Li-on Battery that offers the cleaning time of around 12o minutes which is recognised as the perfect time for cleaning the big house.

Various Mode of operation

Various Mode of operation

This robot works in various modes such as automatic, spot cleaning and edge modes that make cleaning more effective regardless of the omission.

Universal Flooring use

This device is accessible to deal with the cleaning environment that refers that it is suitable for marbles, carpet and wooden floors.

Feasibility of Intelligent Mode

Attaining the Epson gyroscope helps in navigating the robot that refer to the fact that it can be adjusted and transferred in various cleaning so that each of the places is neat and clean. The robot has the ability to approximate the room area, remembering the layout regarding the room so that no edge or point is being left behind.

This would surely a factor that makes you confident to choose the product and can be recognised as a strong argument in favour of advantages related to the device.

Automatic Charging feature

When the battery gets low, the robot automatically goes back to the charging base. Isn’t it amazing, Now you can say its really a robot thing! Such smart feature you will hardly found in any budget robovacs.

Easy Control with your smartphone

All the function such as choosing a direction, changing the mode of operation is being controlled by the remote controller. The robot would be able to control with the help of Smartphone application. The device has the practicability of Bluetooth Connectivity that would help in a combination of the device with the Smartphone. It offers the benefit when you are connected or paired you can easily ask various robot regarding every room and name each of them as per requirement for the recognition.

Amazon Alexa supported Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Amazon Alexa supported Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You can also fully control your vacuum cleaner via its APP. This product support the Amazon Alexa, so you can fully operate this device with voice control. This app support 10 languages.

Pros & Cons of Haier XShuai T370


  • Automatic Charging
  • 120 min working time
  • Lucrative Design
  • Feature of anti-collision


  • Not observed yet

Final Verdict

The overall impression of the device is very nice; it gives various cleaning modes through which you can clean the room as per requirement. The operation time and auto recharging features would surely be the main advantages that make you go for the product. The price of the device is $239.99 which is good as per the features it offers. I would be rating the product 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Hope this review will assist in taking the right decision.

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