Cleans glass, tiles, marble walls

Cleaning glass windows is a tough task when you live in tall buildings or own a shop with large glass doors and windows. It consumes a lot of time and hard-work as well as it is very risky to clean windows from outside if you reside in tall buildings. To make this cleaning process hassle-free market is full of Smart Robotic Window Cleaners which are compact, reliable as well as clean glass thoroughly.

But how to choose one and that too in a tight budget? Oh! you don’t have to worry about that… Below you will find the best robotic window cleaners in 2018 and that too under $200!!

#1 Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Robot

alfawise s60
Effective cleaning at a super-friendly price!

This budget-friendly window cleaner robot from Alfawise is your perfect smart helper. It has got two round-shape microfiber pads which effectively scrub the glass surface to remove all the old stub-born stains and leave your window shining as new.

You can control it easily by a remote control or by smartphone App even when you are chilling on your couch. It has very powerful vacuum motor and is very safe. You are getting all these features at Just $143.99!! Isn’t that cool… So don’t think further and click the link below to get this smart helper.

Buy Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Robot

#2 Cop Rose X5 Smart Window Cleaning Robot

cop rose x5
A multi-purpose cleaner for your home

Cope Rose X5 is a multi-purpose cleaning robot. Besides cleaning windows, it also cleans walls, tables and even floors!. It is small and lightweight so you can carry it easily around your home. It has three intelligent zig-zag cleaning routs for cleaning efficiently in a less time.

It comes with a extension wire and auto protection function so you don’t have to worry about safety of the device. You can buy it at only $170.89 on Gearbest. Just click the link below and bring this multi-purpose cleaner home!

Buy Cope Rose X5 Window Cleaning Robot

#3 Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner

Ideal for Cleaning Large Glass Doors & Windows!

If you own a shop or store, you probably know that clean windows are the first step to attract costumers. This cleaner from Alfawise is ideal for cleaning such large shop windows and that too very fast. It is the best window cleaner in 2018 for large glasses.

This robot works very quietly so you don’t get disturbed while working. It is suitable for different types of glasses and chooses the best cleaning route to avoid any frames and obstacles.

It has an ultra-thin design and can be controlled easily by App or remote. You can grab this cleaner at a discounted price of just $189.99 by using below link. So, go grab it before it gets out of stock!

Buy Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner

#4 ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner

This robotic window cleaner cleans windows of tall buildings effectively with its dual-microfiber pads. It has three cleaning routes which you can switch easily by remote controller. It comes with UPS system and Anti-dropping Algorithm to prevent device from falling if battery cuts or power fails. You can buy this device at just $199.53 from Gearbest by using below link.

Buy ALBOHES Z5 Smart Robotic Window Cleaner

#5 Cop Rose x6 Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Cleans glass, tiles, marble walls

This window cleaner from Cop Rose very well cleans glass, walls, tiles and marble. It has two cleaning modes to relieve your hands from heavy housework. With laser sensor and intelligent detection it automatically plans cleaning area. It can even monitor pressure in real-time with intelligent pressure sensor. You can buy this robot at a discounted price of $199.99 by clicking below.

Buy Cope Rose X6 Robotic Window Cleaner

Wrapping Up:-

In the above list I have included the best robotic window cleaners in different price ranges. You can choose the best cleaner according to your needs and purchase it easily by clicking links given below each product. So, switch to these smart robotic cleaners and enjoy clear windows effortlessly.


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