Cube T12 Review: Cheapest Phablet (10.1 inch) with Premium features!

Cube t12

Cube T12 Review

(in-depth review of feature and specification)

Since last five years, there were numerous changes that took place in Smartphone Industry which has apparently changed the whole smartphone world. Various Companies are launching their large screen android phablet into the market.

Cube T12 Review

So today we are reviewing the Cube T12 3G Phablet which is launched by Cube Team. It has a perfect hardware and software combo and let’s see about its specifications.

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Design & Display:

Design and display of cube t12 tablet

Cube has launched another product Cube T12 is the perfect blend of mobility, style, and usability. This large screen phablet has 10.1 inch screen, which can be a good alternative to a tablet. It weighs approximately around 560 grams. Consumers can utilize the supreme portability of this device without comprising on screen size. This tablet integrates easily in everyday life and suits consumer style especially with subtle but stand-out fabric style pattern on the back cover and sleek design suits.

Cube T12 has Full HD Screen with 1280*800p resolution, which provide the crystal clear expericne to the users.

Hardware & Software:

android 6.0 OS in Cube T12

The processor acts as the brain of the device and manages tasks such as opening an app.

More number of cores allows you to smoothly execute multiple tasks/apps such as playing a movie, checking email, etc. Simultaneously and Cube T12 provides is the best because of its 1GB RAM and 16 GB ROM and its expandable up to 64 GB. It uses MTK8321 quad-core processor.

This large screen phablet run on latest Android 6.0 OS. No Lagging observed even playing the high definition games on this android phablet.

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Camera Review:

Cube t12 camera

Cube T12  features enhanced camera functions that capture memorable moments more easily. From easy access to camera modes to instant access to Continuous Shot, customers can capture successive moments as they happen, without wasting precious seconds changing the shutter settings with 2.0MP at front and 5.0MP at the rear.

Cube T12 incorporates expandable memory up to a massive 64 GB, which allows users to maintain a library of information and entertainment content for access, storage, backup, and sharing.


Cube T12 having lithium polymer as its battery and it provides 5000 mAh producing a run time of 5+ hours after a video being played.As MTK 8321 Quad-core 1.3GHz uses ultra-low voltage platform it can extensive capabilities and will have high efficiency to go.

Pros and Cons of Cube T12 Tablet

  • 5000mAh can survive up to 5 hours of continuous video play
  • Bright 10.1 inch screen gives crystal clear quality.
  • Quad-core 3Ghz processor and its suited for multi-tasking.
  • 1GB RAM (Could be more)
  • No 4G!

Other noticeable features:

other features

  • It is built in with G-sensors and can support multiple languages and you can literally access to everything like Facebook, Snapchat, apps and sophisticated documents in seconds.
  • The 16:10 screen ratio is ideal for showcasing websites and publications better, maximizing coverage and minimizing blank space. Users will be able to view more material for web pages and comparatively more in composing long emails and SMS messages.
  • Cube T12’s newly-designed book cover transforms into 2 different positions for optimal typing, web browsing or watching movies.

Why Buy?

Cube T12 3G tablet is a product that is more valuable for its money. Since it’s available in an affordable price with a large display and all the power packed features, you’ll get to feel the performance of a computer. If you are a person who wants to enjoy everything at a cheap price then I will suggest you to buy it.

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