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Shenzhen Alldo Cube is a high-tech enterprise in China engaged in manufacturing of MP3, MP4 & tablet PC and other products. Cube has a high-quality management team, strong technical force and independent R&D with innovative ability. They ensure that they can serve the best to their customers. Cube insists on the management idea of “Do tasteful digital products”, “To be a valuable digital enterprise”.

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Design & Display

Body of CUBE T10

Cube T10 4g phablet has a luxurious look. The appealing furnished look of the phablet steals the eyes of the customer. The screen is as wide as 10.1 inches which are close to what apple iPad gives plus it is unbreakable and installed with IPS TPT. The external appearance of the tab looks too classy for this price. Metal and plastic cover the back portion of the phablet. The outer boundary of the tab has the SIM port (micro-SIM), Audio jack of 3.5mm, dc port, Mini USB port, gray volume up/down buttons and a Memory slot. The phablet comes in a fully polisgray and has a pleasant touch of class.

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Cube T10 4G Phablet works on octa-core processor MTK8783 which uplifts the performance and multi-tasking ability of the device. The device has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM which is quite impressive for this price. The tab has all the features of a compact tab. It is extremely thin, comfortable to hold and very very handy. The display has a very high resolution.

One can experience excellent clarity with crisp details.Viewing angles are really great too. The vivid colors of the display sets in the right mood to the phone. Light sensors help your phone to get brighter when needed and sets in low light depending on the condition outside.


Cube promises to provide the user a “less-power hungry” device. There is no Qual comm. Or a Dash charger is used here but a Lithium polymer battery (6500 mAh) is embedded. It promises to give a battery run of 6-7 hrs. The Device doesn’t support wireless charger.



Android provides more ways to customize the phone according to one’s need. The device is powered by ANDROID 6.0 MARSHMELLOW. It Provides a more user-friendly environment to operate beginning with the pre-installed Language options to the play store and more.


Camera review of Cube T10

The camera is just like a “NORMAL CAMERA” with a front lens having a 2MP and the rear has a common 8MP. It is build using CMOS technology. Provides an option of taking HDR Images and video coverage. It does give decent quality pictures even under low light but not convincingly great. The cameras are not recommended for taking high-quality images.

Network & Connections

Supports GPRS, LTE, HSPA, EDGE and UMTS Connectivity. The device has an excellent grasping power to pull in those 3G and 4g signals at a quite surprising rate. An excellent WIFI Reception is a good sign of a great device. GPS Connectivity yet another jaw-dropping feature of this creation. It’s amazing connectivity and the super awesome GPS Connectivity help you track your way back home.

Other Features

  • The TAB gets heavier on a long duration usage.So, unfortunately, the weight is not profitable for long hours.
  • The TAB doesn’t suffer from any heating issues which is a positive sign of a healthy technology.
  • It gives the customer a good feel about the quality for such a pocket-friendly price. In India, it costs around 12,000 which is too cheap for a tab with such highlighted features.
  • It provides an excellent Light sensor but lacks Retina scanner, Iris scanner, and Barometer.
  • Users can use either Micro SD or Micro SD HC or Micro SD XC
  • The tab will work extraordinarily well for mid-level gaming without any lag but not for high-level gaming.
  • If you are a fitness freak and one who uses fitness apps then this tab will fail to detect your step or fails to track your heartbeat.
  • Quick Settings controls: Quick Settings gives you easy access to things like Bluetooth, WiFi.You can actually control these features with their icons available.
  • It gives you access to SMS and MMS
  • Social networking is made simpler. It’s excellent keypad accessibility kicks you to keep posting statuses and pictures on the go.

Final Verdict

It’s the perfect solution for people who want an android tab on a cheap contract. It gives a more than just compromising features. The only delimiting factor is the non-availability of service stores across the country. A Heads up to the elegant look. Despite few complaints, it is a must buy this smart device. What more can one ask from this great invention, This is for sure the best tab invented in this era of mobile technology.

Is this phone available for worldwide users?

Yes, this phone is available for worldwide users. You can buy this unlocked smartphone from given link.

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