5G Smartphones

The mobile networks with 5th generation mobile technology are going to arrive in a short span of time. It is known to be called as the 5G as proposed by the telecommunication standard. The telecommunication standards have considered the 5G networks as their next chapter so that the smartphones can become more powerful and fast. To shape the standards of 5G the companies like Nokia, Huawei and Qualcomm are working very hard to provide best 5G smartphones.

In this article, now we are going to discuss the best upcoming 5G smartphones in detail. They are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung galaxy note 10 is expected to be launched in Feb 2019,and it might be one of the best 5G smartphones that support 5G out of the box.In this phablet, Samsung has tried to incorporate the 5G network. The features of this smartphone will include 5.5 inches HD display and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 6GB RAM. You can focus more on the AR and VR due to the dual camera set up present at the back. You can find the battery on the lower side,and the battery capacity is about 3300mah.

Nokia 9:

Nokia 9

The Nokia 9 is an upcoming smartphone with flagship which is expected to support the 5G network. To define the 5G network and deliver a best 5G smartphone, Nokia is working very hard. The features of this device will include 5.3 inches HD display,andthere is an octa-core processor of Snapdragon 835. As per the reports, there are three variants of RAM in this phone like 4GB, 6GB,and 8GB. If rumored to be believed it is having 6 sensor camera system,and each camera is about 13 megapixels. Even though it is a 5G device, it will also support the 4G value in the device. The display is really excellent in this device so it can also be regarded as the best 5G smartphone.

Google Pixel 4/ Pixel XL 4:

Google Pixel 4/ Pixel XL 4:

Google has planned to launch the smartphones in late 2019. The smartphone will be powered with the processor called Snapdragon 835,and the capacity of RAM is about 4GB. If Google can make more efforts, then the capacity of RAM in the smartphonescan become 6GB as well. According to some of the rumor pixel 4 has retained a full HD display of 5 inches,and the pixel XL4 has a more prominent HD display of 6 inches compared to pixel 2. Both the smartphones will run on Android oreo OS out of the box,and the devices can support the 5G network.

LG G8:


LG G8 is considered to be the successor of G7. This smartphone is expected to launch in 2019. As per the reports, the G8 is supposedto be one of the best 5G smartphones that will hit the market in 2019. The smartphone is likely to come with include 5.8 inches HD quality display and are powered by the processor called Snapdragon 845. The RAM is of 6GB,and the ROM is of 128 GB so you can enjoy the storage and multitasking features of this device. The smartphone runs on LG UX 7.0 which is based on Android 8.0 Oreo OS. The primary rear camera is about 16 megapixel,and the secondary rearcamera is about 13 megapixel.

HTC U13:


HTC U13 is one of the upcoming smartphones which will be released in the middle of 2019 in Barcelona. Apart from the other flagship phones of 2018, this device will support 5G network. The HTC U13 will include a 5.8 inches full HD display,and Snapdragon 845 processor will power the device. This device runs on the operating system called as Android 8.0 Oreo OS.

The capacity of RAM is 8 GB,andthis smartphone is certified by IP68and packed with a battery of capacity 3200 mah. The battery will provide fast charging and will also support wireless devices. The rear camera is about 12 megapixel,and the front camera is about 16 megapixel.

Xiaomi Mi 7:

Xiaomi Mi 7

The Xiaomi Mi 7 is one of the flagship smartphones of 2018 which is expected to be released in late 2018. It is said that the device will be coming with features that move even further than 4G VoLTE and other networks making it 5G enabled. The expected features of this smartphone will include 5.7 inches full HD display and powered by Android 8.0 Oreo OS. The dual vertical camera set up which is present at the back is similar to that of the iPhone 8. The AR and VR are explicitly made by the virtual camera design. The body of the smartphone is resistant to dust and water as the body is made up of glass and metal.


Supporting 5G network is still a myth as none of the smartphones have officially revealed something related to features of supporting lighting fast 5G network. But, sources say that all the above-mentioned smartphones will come with exceptional features and would all support 5G network access making them some of the fastest smartphones in the world.


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