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Whatsapp ADS: They will be available really soon

In all these years we have never seen a popular messaging App implementing advertisements. Within some months, Whatsapp ADS will be more than reality.

It was just a rumor, but some days ago has been officially announced from the Vice President himself, Chris Daniels.

In his last interview, he stated that Whatsapp ADS will be needed to finance, and economically help the platform.

As stated, they will be put in the Stories section of the app, at least at the beginning. Their main role will be to gather the more people as possible and to spread the business version of the App.

Currently the app has almost 20 million users, not a little number of course, and even if it is property of Facebook since 2014 (Acquired for 19 billion dollars), the company it’s beginning this ADS campaign.

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Maybe this is the beginning of a mass migration to other messaging apps, but how many of you will be really bothered by this banners in the Stories? We all know that this section it’s not all that popular and most of us we’ll never notice this change.

By the way, nowadays advertisements are just everywhere. They are the main way of earnings for the majority of services on the web.

Just think about Facebook, Instagram.. they live thanks to banners and sponsors. And have you ever heard anyone refusing to use them due to ads? Personally, I have not.

Surely other apps like Telegram will benefit from this move, tons of users will be bothered of it (how can you blame them?).

At least in this way, other messaging apps will grow up and users will discover new facilities never seen in Whatsapp.
Some examples: Secret chats, bots, multiple accounts and much more.

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