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Today, an increasing number of companies and people are establishing online courses. Some are creating it to advertise a small business, to create a specialized brand, and some are just trying to exchange knowledge. Online courses provide an opportunity to meet new people while also earning money.

While the concept and logic for creating an online course are straightforward, the execution is way more complicated. It takes more than just uploading a video. You must create a course curriculum, develop assignments, construct course sites, market the course, and so on. As healthcare apps have become quite popular in the 21st century, we think you should give these course creations apps a chance too. That’s why learning about the apps that make the course creation process easier is essential.

What Are The Best Apps For Online Courses?

The apps of online courses streamline the entire process of course creation. You will get a wide range of tools and will learn tips to manage the course effectively in no time. We will tell you the top 10 web-based applications for online courses in this article. Once you read it thoroughly, you will understand which app will work for you the best.

1: Udemy

You must first apply to become a premium instructor on Udemy before you can build a paid course. After you’ve been authorized, you’ll be taken through a series of simple steps to help you build your first course. Keep in mind that all courses require at least 30 minutes of video and five lectures while creating course content.

Quizzes, assignments, coding exercises, and conversation questions are all some good additions. If you’re having trouble making your first few sales, Udemy’s custom marketing packages can help.


You don’t have to pay anything to create a premium course on Udemy.

2: Skillshare

Skillshare is a beautiful place to teach creative talents whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer, writer, or blogger. Whether free or paid, skillshare programs include three primary components: video instruction, a project, and community conversation. Each session has 20-60 minutes of video, divided into two to five-minute segments.

After that, the practical project provides hands-on experience. Rather than focusing on the result, Skill share encourages students to share their progress, get criticism, and make changes as needed.


You can create a premium online course here for free.

3: Teachable

Teachable assists brilliant course designers in building and maintaining an online follower group. To begin, the platform provides several customization choices for your course’s appearance and feel. In addition, Teachable course builder supports various content formats from interconnected mobile apps, including OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

With the automated workflow option of Zapier, you can connect Teachable with other apps. You can even collect student feedback with Google forms. You can contact students after they are done with the course by adding them to your email list.


The basic plan to create online courses on Teachable starts from $29/month.

4: Podia

You may create an online course for your digital material using Podia. Then, using Zapier’s automated workflows, you can link Podia to the other applications you use the most. In addition, you can add your students to your marketing campaign automatically or enroll new students. If you have extra resources to go along with your course, consider selling them as a digital download.

Podia will also enable you to create an individual membership site rather than social media channels. You can share new updates on your community and inform them of your new course.


The ‘mover plan’ starts from $39/month for online courses.

5: Thinkific

Creating your first online course might be intimidating. However, with the ready-to-use templates, Thinkific takes the job of course design far easier. The templates include example quizzes, downloads, polls, and instructor messages in addition to video courses. On Thinkific, there are two aspects to creating a course: course material and landing page.

The website builder from Thinkific is one of the most user-friendly. Select the pages you wish to include, write your content, and choose a theme, and your course is ready.


It is free for unlimited students, but just for one course. The basic plan starts from $39/month.

6: Kajabi

Kajabi features a variety of page templates. Choose a Pipeline, fill it with material, and your marketing engine is ready to go. For example, you may send a student an email, register them for an event, or remove them from an email list when they finish an assessment or have been inactive for a time.

Its marketing blueprints will guide you through the process of creating a full marketing funnel. From landing pages and emails to courses checkout-everything are accessible on Kajabi.


The basic plan starts with $119/month for just one site.

7: Xperiencify

This app claims to increase the completion rates of online courses by 10-30% by allowing teachers to gamify the courses. Students receive experience points for each module they finish. During the course construction process, instructors may specify the experience value of each module and its components.

Apart from the video content, you can sell digital resources to complete the course like cheat sheets, supporting text, etc. You can also use this platform as a texting app to automate the course experience flow with SMS and emails.


For unlimited courses, the launch plan starts from $49/month.

8: Pathwright

You may use Pathwright to create an online course that is 100% actionable for your students. Pathwright adds an extra note section to each stage once you’ve specified your syllabus and activities. In addition, Pathwright allows you to select the action that students must do from a dropdown menu when you add each step.

The software that is used to create Pathwright courses is one of the most easy-to-use in the market. It further allows you to customize the entire look of your course to engage with students more.


The starter plan is of $99/month for 1000 members.

9: Mighty Networks

This app can assist you in creating a thriving, engaged paid community for your online course. You can sell individual courses, community memberships, or a mix of the two on this app. Memberships can be purchased as a one-time payment or as a recurring subscription.

However, the pricing is entirely flexible. In addition, the software has a minor function that allows teachers to alter the language in their community.


The paid plan for an online course starts from $81/month.

10: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds can assist you in creating a multi-teacher online school website with a course catalog. You can add teachers and choose the courses they will teach. Instructors can author courses but not publish them or modify their general parameters.

The course builder on LearnWorlds offers a lot of unique features. It is an online community that allows every school, student, and instructor to connect.


The basic plan starts from $24/month.


We have elaborated on the intricate details of many apps here to create comprehensive online courses. You can help millions of students worldwide if you create one course with appropriate course content and resources. These apps are also budget-friendly, so use the one that deems the most suitable to you.


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