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When the technology is developing, we should too. Our laptops/PCs can do a job on their own, and as well as our smartphones. Somehow, they have become imaginary individuals that we can talk and help us in certain problems. In this case, writing articles or resumes or what else will not be a time-consumer anymore.

There are many voice recognition software that will help us get tons of jobs done in seconds. After all, talking is in our human nature.

#1 – Google Docs Voice Typing

Google would not disappoint its users when it comes to voice recognition. It is probably the easiest and fairest way to get a paper done within minutes.

  • How to use Voice Typing in Google Docs?

Set up your microphone from your device settings. The microphone is already incorporated within a laptop, but for a PC/Desktop, you will need to buy one. Once this process is done, be sure to activate the microphone from the Google Docs tools also.

For Google Docs, voice commands work just like you talk to Siri: ‘ Select Paragraph ‘ , ‘ Italics ‘ , ‘ Go to the end of the line ‘, and so on. However, if you want to convert audio to text using Google Docs, you must do everything in English.

Unfortunately, this software can’t place the punctuation marks where they should be.

#2 – Audext.com

Even if Google Docs Voice Typing is a pretty handy converter, Audext is beyond it when it comes to accuracy and professionalism. The interface of the website is very friendly and easy to understand.

It is AI-backed, which ensures any user that their script will be error-free. In this case, your scripts will not need further changes.

Audio to text converter online Audext works with any audio file, not only voice recognition. As a journalist, student, or detective, this may be the best software to transcribe audio to the text within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, there’s a price range for every hour you use Audext – only 30 minutes are free for usage. There are 3 plans that you can buy to work with this software:

  • Charged – $10.90 per hour, with 10 hours of auto-transcription
  • Optimal – $11.80 per hour, with 5 hours of auto-transcription
  • Starter – $13.00 per hour

Any of those plans are valid for 12 months.

However, the best part of this software is that it can recognize the noises in the background. Audext analyzes the entire audio file before it gets transcribed- so that nothing will intervene along the process.

But after all, any transcriber like Audext worth its money.

#3 – Dragon Professional Individual

This is a voice recognition software that is a one-time buy. You can find it anywhere on Amazon, eBay, and will not close your bank account.

However, Dragon Professional Individual gets the accuracy of an audio file by getting familiar to a certain language. If you live in Germany, it will need a specific time to get close to your language.

It is certified as a sophisticated tool for paralyzed people, by many websites.

#4 – Speech notes

Speech notes are easy to use, as it has a nice and friendly interface. It looks just like the Notepad app you have installed within your laptop/PC.

However, it doesn’t work so great for Chrome fans.

Unfortunately, it has a lot of problems when it comes to accuracy – everything that it’s transcribed will need a careful check from you.

#5 – KOOKOO CloudAgent

Unlike the other transcribers, KOOKOO CloudAgent works aside with the Customer Service department. This one helps businesses engage with their customers because it transcribes anything they have to say. At this time, this software works for Windows systems only. However, users of the KOOKOO CloudAgent app don’t complain about it.

As a sad note, this may be the end of the Customer Service kind of job. As we have that software, nobody will have to register the customer’s data and what else.

To conclude the discussion, it seems like Audext won the great battle. With good performance and brilliant accuracy for everyone in the world, this software will lend the future. Though, keep in mind that any work done by software needs a manual checking from a human being.

Investing in software like this will help us get through tons of deadlines.


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