Teclast T30 Tablet Review

Today, numbers of people opt for tablets rather than laptops and computers. And the simple reason is tablets offer portability, power, and a great style. The use of the tablet is much simpler than laptops. You do not need to carry a bag and take care of it. Tablets are now becoming the first choice for a very new user. It is not just they are user-friendly, but also comes with the long battery life that makes work easier for anyone.

Teclast T30 Review

Moreover, tablets are easy to carry and affordable. In the market, the competitive range is available for tablets. If you are looking for the best option that satisfied your requirements, then you must check “Teclast T30”. It is one of the best options for anyone.

This comes from the brand “Teclast” which is a popular Chinese brand and known for introducing portable, smart, and innovative tablets at an affordable range. “Teclast T30” has already in huge demand because of its smart features and convenient use. If you are thinking to buy this, so here we have shared detailed information about this exceptional gadget that you should know.

Teclast T30 Specifications

Brand: Teclast
Display:  10.1 inch
Battery: 8000mAH
RAM & ROM: 4GB & 64GB
External memory: 128GB
Network: Dual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1
Screen resolution:  1920p * 1200p
Additional features:  3G, GPS, MP4, OTA, Phone, and Wi-Fi

Teclast T30- Display & Design

Teclast T30 Display & Design

Teclast T30 comes in a 10.1-inch screen size with high resolution 1920*1200 and 8mm thickness. Its sleek design and lightweight feature give you easy hold. This touch screen tablet has a silky touch pattern that is designed to make the user happy while using. It is just perfect and nothing is comparable with this. This provides G-sensor support that offers you easy support to use this for a long time.

Teclast T30- Configuration

Teclast T30
Teclast T30

Teclast T30 is a 4G tablet runs under MTK Helio P70 Octa-core processor which is just perfect to give faster running experience. This uses Android 9.0 Pie OS which is easy and best to operate. This is known to speed up the process of switching ON/OFF. Moreover, it offers the third generation sweet independent sound cavity that will give you eccentric experience.

Teclast T30- Media support

This Teclast T30 offers a wide range of media formats support that just enough to make the user happy. This supports BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG files. If we talk about sound, this supports AAC, MP3, OGG, and WMA which are best than other tablets available in the market. Also, it supports MS office formats such as Excel, Word, PPT, E-book and more.

Teclast T30- Camera

The camera is one thing which we want to know eagerly. This comes with a dual-camera front and back. The front camera is about 5.0 MP and the back is 8.0 MP. It also supports video recording with high-resolution and quality.

Teclast T30- Battery & Network

Telecast T30 uses an 8000mAH battery life that gives you 11 hours longer usage. Which is perfect for one-day work without the use of a charger. It is the latest android 9.0 OS that optimizes the user experience and the machine’s performance. The internal structure is made of metal and offers complete care for the eyes. It supports Dual Wi-Fi with frequency GSM: 900/1800MHz.

Moreover, it supports 2G, 3G and GPS, and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. All these features are awesome to give you the best tablet for your work and normal usage.

Teclast T30- A reliable and faster tablet

As compared to other affordable tablets available in the market, this one sounds really good. It is a faster, portable, and reliable tablet that can meet your daily work needs up to 11 hours. It uses the latest technology that can make your experience much better than before. It is not limited to work only, it offers great gaming with its ARM-MALI G72 MP3 GPU that allows you to play 3D games swiftly.


Buying a new gadget is quite challenging. You need the best that offers you great features with a long battery life. In Teclast T30 everything is perfect form its calls, network, storage, Camera, battery and media. The countless people have shared their positive reviews on this tablet. This tablet is well-featured and can be worthy.

However, the price of the Teclast T30 is also reasonable. So, anyone can afford this new generation tablet. This is now in stores with a discounted price. Hurry up & get your hands on this superb gadget!


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