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Social media have recently become an essential component of the modern Internet user, so it is not surprising that various companies use them to promote their products, attract the target audience and receive feedback from customers. Social media are, without a doubt, a very effective and necessary marketing tool that can be used for any business app, be it an essay writing service offering a research paper for sale, or  In this article, The EssayShark team wants to give four reasons for using social media for marketing purposes and promotion on the Internet.

The key advantage of social networks for your business app is the fact that they are a fairly effective way to increase brand awareness, which is extremely important in today’s highly competitive world when each company seeks to get the attention of potential consumers. If your brand has pages on social networks, at least such as Instagram and Twitter, then you significantly increase the chance that you can attract the attention of the target audience if you can correctly use the available tools. You do not need to spend all your free time developing social media accounts because even minimal efforts will undoubtedly bring visible results, especially if your target audience is young people, who are the most active users of social media.

  • Engagement with customers and their feedback

Social networks are also a very effective way to interact with customers. Social networks allow you to communicate directly with your customers and your target audience, which is vital for any business. You must understand that in order to develop, you need to understand what your customers want and what you can do to satisfy their needs. Of course, you can organize a target group, ask them questions, find out their opinion and… do everything as your ancestors did. But why? You don’t make fire with stones, right?

Now if you have a page on a social network, even without any efforts on your part, your customers will write to you; maybe they will scold you, maybe they will praise you, and maybe even give advice on how they would like to see your app. You must carefully analyze each such appeal, which will allow you to understand how those consumers who are interested in it see your app, which will allow you to become better. Moreover, in the event of any crashes or malfunctions with the application, you will undoubtedly immediately find out about this and will be able to fix everything before serious negative consequences. Remember, communication with consumers is critical, and social media greatly facilitate this task.

  • Brand loyalty

As mentioned earlier, at the moment, almost every market is oversaturated with competitors, and everyone seeks to attract consumers by any means possible; therefore customer loyalty is significant for long-term success. When you communicate with your users on social networks, constantly publish updates, and consumers feel their involvement in the development of the project, their loyalty is gradually growing, and the desire to use the services of competitors, on the contrary, decreases. You must understand that loyal users are not only those customers who will use your application; they are those who will be your free ambassadors and will promote your business. When your customers are satisfied with the services you provide, they will advise you to their friends and acquaintances, and it is word of mouth marketing that is one of the most effective because people tend to trust those they know.

  • Low cost, high effectiveness

It is imperative to note the fact that promotion on social media is one of the cheapest ways to promote, and very often does not require absolutely any investments. Of course, if you want to get the best result and you do not want to spend a lot of time to understand all the features of social media marketing, I would recommend you hire a specialist who knows exactly what and how to do. But even if you have never been engaged in promotion on social media, you will need to spend only a few hours to read the relevant articles on the Internet, as well as several hours a day to keep activity on your pages. In addition to the fact that the cost of promotion in social networks tends to zero, this approach has a very high efficiency, which is completely incomparable with the efforts expended. In the modern world, no other communication channel with the target audience is as cheap and effective, so it is essential not to miss the chance and use all available opportunities.

Social media have undoubtedly changed our lives, and many of us cannot even imagine life without Instagram or YouTube, and those who do not use these channels for marketing purposes will surely lose potential customers. Even if you are not sure that you can attract a large number of users to your Instagram page, you still need to create and develop it, because in any case, you will not incur losses, and more likely to get more information about the needs and values ​​of your consumers. You can establish direct contact with them, as well as increase their loyalty, which is a huge advantage in today’s highly business competitive world.


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