Our wrist deserves the best, best in style, best in class and now best in technology. In the period where wearable technology is finally picking up the pace, it is better to keep yourself updated with the latest technology in smartwatches and the best brands, which make them. Let’s discuss top 5 brands which make the best smartwatches and why they are worth the money.

1# Apple Watch Series

When it comes to wearable technology, Apple makes one of the best watches that checks all the boxes when you go to buy a smartwatch. Keeping in mind its price tag, limitation to work only with Apple iPhone and 1-day battery life.

Apple Watch series

Apple in its latest launch even of Apple watch 3 and iPhone X/iPhone 8, declared that Apple watch is the most sold watch globally with a customer satisfaction rate over 94%.

For the first time, Apple released its Apple Watch Series 3 with watch OS 4, with LTE support and some nice heath related monitoring features under its sleeves. If you own an iPhone, this is the best watch you can get but for a hefty price tag.

2# Samsung Gear

Samsung is known to make one of the best smartphones, same goes for the smartwatches. Samsung has recently announced its new flagship smartwatch called Gear S3, based on the same platform as Gear S2, it is loaded with Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

Samsung Gear Smartwatches

The key highlight of the watch is the rotating bezel with a 360 degree round display. It is compatible with both Android and IOS but with some limitations when using with an iPhone due to Apple restrictions in the OS.

It is a beautiful watch with some feature limitations and it’s not running Google’s watch OS, which is more integrated with Android. Samsung’s S Health app is well designed and it offers a wide variety of health tracking features like Apple watch and comes with 4 days of battery life (as quoted by Samsung).

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3# Motorola

Moto 360 (1st Gen) was released in back 2014, it was one of the first watches to have a round screen running Google watch OS, it was a huge success for both Google and Motorola. After the initial success, Motorola introduced 2nd generation of its watch in 2015. Which again was a big hit.

Motorola Moto 360

As the years have passed, an update to Moto 360 is called for, being a great watch to run latest Google watch OS, this watch has its own limitations like IPS LCD panel, which lags behind the competition and no speaker support, so you cannot hear the notifications or talk hands-free using the watch. But if you can live with not so gear display and a few hardware limitations, it is a steal deal for first time smartwatch buyers due to its price tag.

4# LG Smartwatches

LG was the brand to introduce Android wear with its launch of LG G watch. LG has come in a long way with the introduction of LG Watch style, a beautiful round smartwatch running Android wear 2.0 out of the box.

LG Smartwatches

LG Watch Style has a beautiful round OLED display but has a poor battery life. To make the watch stylish, LG has compromised with the battery, a cost to pay for thinness. Apart from the small battery, LG watch Style is a fashion icon, it is worth considering if you are a moderate user of the smartwatch and wants to stand apart in the crowd.

5# Huawei Watches

Huawei, the first Chinese company to introduce Android Wear smartwatches. It recently introduced Huawei Watch 2, a well-equipped smartwatch running Android wear 2.0 with too many features.

Huawei Watches

The design of Huawei watche 2 is less premium than its predecessor but it comes packed with features like built-in GPS and NFC with the Optional 4G model.

The main complaint with the watch apart from being a bit sluggish under heavy load is the small screen. You should consider this watch as it is a great value for money and comes preloaded with features that much more expensive watches no dot offer. It’s a bang for the buck!

So these were the 5 Best smartwatch brands, which create a lot of buzz all around the world. If any other smartwatch brand comes in your mind, feel free to share with us. Just comment below with the name of the smartwatch, we will add in our list 🙂


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