Onda V10 Plus Tablet Review

Have you heard about Onda V10 plus tablet? Now I am going to share a review about this product. You will get a clear idea on this product with the help of this review. This tablet was developed by the Onda. As the technology is emerging from day to day the manufacturers are trying their best to meet the requirements of users and attract the users with their products.

Onda V10 Plus Tablet Review


We will now discuss the complete details of the tablet so that when you purchase this tablet you will come to know about the specifications and design of the tablet.

Onda V10 Plus Tablet Review

Design & Display:

Display of Onda V10 plus tablet



To bring life to your photos and videos the ONDA V10 plus tablet is equipped with 10.1 inch IFS touch screen. You will really have a good experience when you watch the videos and browse the internet in this tablet. You will be impressed with its color and clarity due to the resolution of the screen. The screen has a resolution of 2500 X 1600 (WQXGA).


Camera review

This tablet has a dual camera. One camera is in the front and the other camera in the back. The front camera is about 2MP and the back camera is about 5MP with AF. You can capture pictures with high quality and also the memorable moments in your daily life. You can record your memories with this camera as there is a video recording facility.

Other Features:

The operating system in this tablet is Android 6.0. This operating system allows you to stay connected and also be productive. You can say that your device is user friendly when it has good operating system. It has a quad core processor of capacity 2.0 GHz. It supports multiple languages. The CPU in this tablet is MTK8173 and the CPU brand is MTK. The Ground Power Unit (GPU) in this tablet is Power VR GX6250. It supports gravity sensor, speakers and Google play store. The material in the back cover is a combination of plastic and metal.

Storage and Networks:

The RAM of this tablet is 2GB, which is quite average in number. The ROM has a capacity of 32GB, there is also an external slot for the memory card. You can expand the memory up to 128GB with an SD card. You can surf the internet with high-speed due to its dual band facility. The dual band ranges from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz which supports the Wi-Fi. Within the range of the wireless networks available you can connect to the internet. You also have GPS feature and Bluetooth with version 4.0.


The battery capacity of this tablet is 6600mah, which is quite sufficeint for a tablet. The time required for the battery to charge completely is nearly about 3 hours.

Connectivity and Media Formats:

You have external slots for connectivity in this tablet. You can connect the TF card slot, Micro USB slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack. In the media formats you have the file format for pictures and MS office.  The pictures are in the format of BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG. The MS office is in the format of Word, Excel and PPT. You can access the media depending upon the format.


Just like all the other tablets this tablet is also equipped with the features like Bluetooth, browser, alarm, calculator, calendar, and Gravity Sensing system, OTG, GPS and Wi-Fi. The above features are present in most of the tablets in the current generation.

What will you get in the package?

  • Tablet PC
  • Power Adapter
  • USB cable
  • User Manual

Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable price
  • Fantastic dual camera
  • High speed Surfing due to its Dual band
  • Excellent Operating system


  • It takes three hours to charge the battery
  • Heavier in weight

Why buy?

This tablet has an affordable price of $190.39 and if you are planning to buy a product with good performance which can last longer then you can buy this product.


  1. Dear,
    I have one question to ask.
    Does the Onda V10 Plus (with Android 6.0 BUT NOT with Dual Boot facilities), support the magnetic docking station.
    I myself have bought the aforesaid tablet and the docking station (3 weeks ago), but the docking station is not compatible.
    No cursor appear on the screen. Additionally, when a FAT 32 usb is connected to the USB port of the docking station, it is not recognized. On the contrary, when same USB is connected to the micro USB port, it is recognized and same works perfectly.
    I want to have your comments.
    Is it possible to make the docking station work with the tablet when both are connected?

    from Mauritius

  2. Please NOTE: The Onda V10 Pro has a polymar battery which is not available from any source so replacing the battery with the same type and size is not an option. This should be included in your review as buying this tablet based on what I’ve learned is not recommended and Onda is not providing much in the way of accessories although they do have plenty of non replies and excuses should they feel up to providing a reply.


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