Lenovo TAB 10 TB - X103F Tablet PC International Version

If you are a fan of low-budget tablets that will give you similar possibilities as high-tech ones, but for an affordable price, then Lenovo TAB 10 TB is the one for you. It is considered as one of the most popular ones in China and other parts of Asia, because of its amazing performance in combination with great price.

Lenovo TAB 10 TB–X103F Review
Lenovo TAB 10 TB–X103F Review

The performance is good enough to provide you with the possibility to enjoy with all its features and to stand within a budget in the market. This device is made for media consumption, which means that you can easily watch movies and listen to music because it contains a multi-speaker sound bar made by Dolby Atmos.

We decided to present you all relevant features that you have to understand before you decide to purchase this amazing tablet:

Lenovo TAB 10 TB – X103F Review

Sound Performance

Dolby Speaker for best Sound effect
Dolby Speaker for the best Sound effect

As we have mentioned above, you will get a tablet with overhead speakers that can position sound 360 degrees around your head. You have to know that the main idea is to provide you the feeling from home theatre or cinema. Even though the positional sound is difficult to understand, speakers are loud enough to provide you perfect satisfaction and comfort, and much more sound detail than other, more expensive tablets.

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In the same time, feeling when you have headphones is different, which means that it is much better, especially because you have the possibility for positional sound effects. You will hear from above, front and behind, which means that you will get surround sound system in this cheap tablet.

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Operational System and Specifications

The Lenovo TAB 10 TB runs on Android 6.0, which means that you can easily install the latest apps without any additional problem. It is upgraded version when compared to previous one, and you should always check for its performance.

When it comes to speed, we have to mention Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 Quad-Core Processor which will give you amazing speed and there are no lags when you open the app, which was the problem with previous versions of Lenovo. You will be able to watch and play the most demanding games on Play Store without any additional problem. It contains DDR3 1GB RAM which is quite enough if you want to use it for basic things and apps, as well as playing games and enjoying movies.

It comes with 4.0 Bluetooth and 16 GB of storage, but you can add Micro SD card in order to boost the internal memory with additional 64 GB.

Lenovo TAB 10 Camera Review
5 MP Rear+2 MP Front Camera

The camera is not that good but still, you will get the 5 megapixels of rear camera and 2 megapixels of front camera that will give you the possibility to capture amazing moments when you are with your friends and enjoy. You cannot expect the high-tech camera, but still, it is modest because Lenovo isn’t made to give you the possibility to picture around, their smartphones are better for that. This tablet is specifically made to give you entertainment and possibility to keep your business records next to you all the way.


The battery is quite efficient and you will be able to use it for hours without charging. It can last up to 10 hours of constant use, which is very convenient when you have in mind all other features that you will get with it. You can easily watch a few feature films or an entire season of a TV show before it shows you the red mark on battery efficiency.

Price & Best Deal

This particular tablet is made to give the possibility for people to buy an affordable tablet with low-end features. When we compare the price, which is approximate $130 online and other features that we have mentioned here, you won’t be able to get such specification for this affordable price on any other tablet available on the market.

The best deal on Lenovo TAB 10 we found on gearbest. Here you can buy this tablet at as low as $129, with free shipping for worldwide delivery.

Pros & Cons


  • The size of the display is massive and resolution is great, which is convenient for watching movies or TV shows while you are travelling or at home.
  • Specifications are modest and with a combination of 1 GB RAM and quad-core processor, you will get a fast machine for the affordable price.
  • The software is Android 6.0 which is far more convenient if you are a fan of Play Store apps and games.


  • The camera is not that good, especially when you have in mind 5 megapixels, but still, it is efficient enough. Lenovo tablets are not made to provide you the satisfaction of taking photos. For that purposes, try to choose their smartphones.

Why Buy?

Lenovo TAB 10 TB is a great choice if you want to buy your children affordable tablet with great features and possibilities such as watching cartoons and playing games. If you are a fan of the great sound, choose it and you will be amazed at its capabilities. Of course, you will not get more than you expect, that is the main reason why we conducted this review. Still, it is great mobile device for your family.



  1. We have one of these I bought for my wife. I’m lucky that she has not left me! She would like to use her TAB for the web & Facebook but can’t. Her machine runs like warm Poop! It tries to pan down but stalls and stops! I have tried a machine up-date and a re-install with Facebook, no luck! I am past warranty; anyone have any ides??? I would try a Linux download if I knew how to do it on this TAB.

  2. Hi folks-I wrote the comment above and now would like to retract anything I said that would discourage you from considering a Lenovo TAB! After I read all the above about all the happy users, I decided to give it another try. We have had this tablet for at least a year or two and never use it because it just did not work properly. Well, I went to YouTube and found “How to reset or factory reset TAB 10…” I played with it for a while and I was able to wipe data/factory reset. I added back a few programs and WOW! SUPER!
    I cannot believe the difference! This tablet really does a great job!
    It never worked like this before, ever! WOW! What a difference! I tried this all before but I did not get this kind of result.
    Happy wife-happy life!


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