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Well, hello gadget geeks, today you are going to love me as I have fantastic news for you. As we all know that Gearbest is the ultimate place to thrive our gadget needs. Every time we visit this website, we get charmed by its numerous gadgets. So, guys hold your racing hearts as Gearbest is all set to launch their Big November sale 11.11.

Yep, your favorite online gadget shopping site is packed with plenty of deals. The deals which you can’t afford to miss for life. The deals which are unbelievably amazing and if you lose them, then I genuinely empathize with you. I know you must be thinking that I’m exaggerating the facts and no one can offer such hefty deals. But, to prove my point to you all, I have enlisted some cool deals from the Gearbest site. As Gearbest named their sale 11.11 (double eleven), so double dynamic deals of 11.11 sale are:

Best Double 11 Deal at Gearbest 

Double Deals on smartphones:

Best Smartphone Deal in 11.11
Best Smartphone Deal in 11.11

Gearbest has a massive collection of different Chinese smartphones. And Gearbest has intruded very attractive discount offers on their smartphones that you can’t forget. From the plenty of smartphones deals, I would like to share eight super deals below.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 5.5 inches 4G Phablet is available for $211.21.
  • Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone International Version which was earlier available for $545.79 can be yours for $416.99.
  • The Lenovo P2 4G Phablet of $249.55 is available at $207.99.
  • Huawei Honor 6X 4G Phablet Global Version $244.11 can you for $224.05.
  • UMIDIGI Z Pro 4G Phablet was earlier for $238.44 but now for $189.99.
  • Vernee M5 4G Smartphone $129.99 rate at the sale is $114.99.
  • LEMFO LEM5 Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone of $153.16 is at $119.99.
  • Stunning LEAGOO KIICAA POWER 3G Smartphone officially costs $77.05, but its 11.11 rate is $59.99 only.

Deals on Smartwatches

Best Smartwatches Deal in 11.11
Best Smartwatches Deal in 11.11

Well, Gearbest is also providing some decent offers on Smartwatches as well. So, if you want to own one cool Smartwatch then time is ready, and you should strike the deal now. As top Smartwatch deals are:

  • LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch Phone whose actual price is $139.33 can be yours for $98.99.
  • AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Phone of price $128.98 is present at the sale for $103.99.
  • Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch Phone of $142.48 can be yours for $95.99.
  • DOMINO DM368 Plus 3G Smartwatch Phone, $124.63 at gearbest, is $95.99.
  • LEMFO LEM5 Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone of $153.16 can be bought for $119.99 now.

Deals on laptop PCs.

Best Tablet Deal in 11.11
Best Tablet Deal in 11.11

If your old laptop or desktop PC is giving you a hard time, then now you can replace it with brand new laptop at fine rates. The deals on the laptop are outstanding and remarkable. Few hot picks at Gearbest are mentioned below.

  • Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 which has is normally available for $929.79 can be now owned $779.11.
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro $1136.98 has a hefty discount on it of $899.11.
  • Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO Notebook of $294.27 can be now bought for $229.11.
  • Lenovo P8 Tablet PC with actual rate $184.04 is available for $139.99.
  • Teclast Master T10 Tablet PC Fingerprint Sensor of $273.14 is available at only $209.11 at Gearbest in the 11.11 sale.

Mixed deals

Gearbest has plenty of other deals on different products as well. Practically, every Gearbest product has dynamic offers attached to them. Some of the best deals are;

  • On gadgets like Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K 30fps Action Camera, and other cameras 10-15% discount can be found.
  • The discount on gadget accessories is always available. Such as tiny KZ KZ – ES3 In-ear Detachable HiFi Earphones are available for only $12 at the sale.
  • Gearbest is also offering deals on pity items like printers, toolkits, motherboards, etc.

11.11 Lucky Bags!

Lucky Bag Deal at Gearbest!
Lucky Bag Deal at Gearbest!

How exciting it is to open one surprise package and find out a surprise goody inside it. Just like Christmas, Gearbest is offering their customers 11.11 lucky bags. Well, basically when you buy this bag from Gearbest, you have no idea what you are buying, and when this package delivers at your doorsteps, it has a surprise for. Gearbest has designed different 11.11 Lucky Bags at different rates and with various surprises. Still, confused about these 11.11 Lucky Bags, then let me share some lucky bags deals with you.

Well, there is this lucky bag which offers “Lucky Bag for SmartWatch Accessories.” You will get Smartwatch for just $9.11, super cool right. But, the only catch here is that you don’t know which brand’s Smartwatch it’s going to be. It’s both tricky and thrilling, as you will get Smartwatch under $10, but you will be not able to select it. So, people have mixed reaction for these 11.11 Lucky Bags.

So, folks, this was all about the super amazing Gearbest double eleven sale which is available until 20th November and deals keep running out pretty fast. That’s why order your gadget now.  And get the best possible discounts ever!


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