Who does not love beautiful and clean teeth? I guess everybody; reasons being dental hygiene and beautiful smile. You may think that you take proper care of your teeth but that might not actually be true. You need to know that there are several steps involved in taking care of your teeth.

Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

You need to brush your teeth, need to take care of gums and then floss; the three important steps in oral hygiene. There is one perfect product that will take care of the end-to-end teeth cleaning process; Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush.

Description of cleaning modes

Different Button on the Smart Brush for different Modes!
Different brushing Modes with SOOCAS X3

SOOCAS X3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush has 4 cleaning modes; clean, gumcare, sensitive and whitening. The four cleaning modes can do all the jobs; right from cleaning the inside of your teeth till removing coffee stains from your teeth.

Cleaning mode:

The cleaning more of the rechargeable toothbrush can remove all kinds of food stain from your teeth, wash away all kinds of food residue from teeth, remove bacterial plague and ensure liquid flow in your mouth.

Gumcare mode:

This mode comes with the relaxation factor; this mode of cleaning is best for people with sensitive teeth because it comes with the massage option. This mode gives you a very comfortable experience of brushing. If you have extremely sensitive teeth then you must brush using only this mode.

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Sensitive mode:

Sensitive mode ensures that your teeth get absolutely clean. Apart from taking care of cleaning it takes care of your teeth as well.

Whitening mode:

This mode is for people who need a deep cleaning for their teeth. This mode will help in getting rid of coffee stains, blackness from cigarette and tea stains. The name itself explains a lot about this mode.

Other attractive features of SOOCAS X3 toothbrush

Wireless smart charging

The base of your electric tooth brush can automatically detect the wireless charger and is thus very convenient to use it.

Long battery life

SOOCAS X3 Rechargeable Toothbrush has an inbuilt Li-ion battery of 1000 mAh.

It does take a lot of time to charge the toothbrush for once (16 hours precisely) but once charged, it works for almost 25 days.

Customizable settings with Bluetooth connectivity

The toothbrush is quite compatible with your phone as well. You can connect your toothbrush with the phone and control all the functions like cleaning degree, brush head replacement, and residual electricity. You can also change the brushing mode, increase/decrease the brushing time and manage the intensity of your toothbrush. The App will show all the information on your phone screen and you can choose an option accordingly.


You can wash the whole brush with water because the toothbrush body made of waterproof material (IPX7).

Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Sonic Black Brush
Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Sonic matt Black Brush

Aesthetical value

The aesthetical value of toothbrush is quite high; it has an appealing look all because of its smooth exterior finish. It is quite comfortable to hold the brush.

You can get the toothbrush in two colors; yellowish white and matt finish black.

Language adaptability

The toothbrush is compatible with 6 languages; English, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian and Simplified Chinese.

Bristle quality

The most important part of any toothbrush is the bristle quality of the brush head. The brush head of SOOCAS X3 Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush is made by using American Dupont bristle. The high motor works with a high magnetic levitation of 37200 times per high efficiency swing; a sound wave motor is used in the working of this brush.

Some precautions

These are more like instructions than precautions. The first time you get SOOCAS X3 Electric Toothbrush you should connect it with your Bluetooth via the APP. Avoid using your Bluetooth in your cell phone when you are using your toothbrush because it will hamper the smooth functioning of your toothbrush.

Pricing and Availability of Xiaomi SOOCAS X3

The electric brush is available at many e-commerce stores. we found the best deal on Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 at Gearbest and Banggood. You can buy from any of two shopping websites, as they are very much reliable and has free delivery worldwide. At the time of writing review, the price point for this product is around $60.

Final Verdict

Xiaomi SOOCAS X3  Sonic Electric Toothbrush is like a revolution in the history of Oral hygiene. The product is very handy and you will get addicted to your electric toothbrush after a while. The product has a variety of features and 4 cleaning modes. It is a one-time investment but pays huge in the long term. You can definitely consider replacing your traditional toothbrush with SOOCAS X3 Toothbrush.


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