Cubot X18 Plus

The Chinese manufacturer Cubot has a new low-cost smartphone on the road, called Cubot X18 Plus, and the OEM has sent us one early so we can give readers a thorough look before launching it in March. As the name suggests, the phone is actually the older and more capable brother of Cubot’s X18. Obviously, it does not necessarily seem too similar to that other device, especially without a screen with bent edges without bevel. However, it provides a significant boost to the specifications and dimensions of the screen.

Cubot X18 Plus Review
Cubot X18 Plus Review

The Cubot X18 Plus is also very comfortable in the hand, with an excellent construction, an agile user experience and a serious value in terms of prices. This is a phone that is worth trying on the market for a new smartphone, with very few alerts and without real interruptions, you do not want to spend the money to buy one of the many top-of-the-line Android Smartphones currently available for hundreds of more dollars.


Superb Full HD Display
Superb Full FHD+ Display

The smartphone is very cheap when compared to its size and other features. The size of the smartphone is 6 inch, with FHD+ display!. The brightness of the device is well enough to be used both outdoors as well as indoor.

Taking this into account, the company has not revealed whether glass has any kind of hardening. The use of any Gorilla Glass variety is not mentioned on the website of the device or on the packaging. While this does not necessarily mean that Cubot X18 Plus lacks advanced screen materials, it might be a good idea for buyers to make sure they stay in one case. As a preventative measure, a high quality screen protector is recommended against scratches and other damage.


Even in one case, Cubot X18 Plus fits perfectly with most users’ hands. The back of the device may look like an LG, but this phone has all the soft curves of an HTC. In fact, those curves help the device seem surprisingly and pleasantly thinner than it actually is. The metal surrounding the cameras and the fingerprint sensor also add that sense of quality, as well as the inclusion of two holes for the speakers at the bottom, although, as mentioned earlier, only one of them houses a speaker.

Meanwhile, the power and volume buttons along the right side have a click and feel solid. Both headphones and charging ports feel well integrated and comfortable.

In general, this is a smartphone that feels well done, even if a little out of it. However, this does not mean that everything is perfect.


The smartphone comes with a 4000mAh battery which means once charged the device will run perfectly throughout the day. The battery is also removable which is a good thing.


13.0 Front camera
13.0 Front camera

If you are someone who likes clicking pictures, then this smartphone is the one for you as it comes with a dual camera. The back camera is 20.0 MP + 2.0 MP and clicks amazing images. The 2.0 MP camera clicks amazing images with blurred background.

Connectivity and Media:

Just like any other smartphone, this device also supports 4G and is capable of playing music and videos of almost all formats. The device comes with basic connectivity options like Bluetooth and wifi as well.

Overall, this is a great budget smartphone and is perfect for people who are looking for an amazing qualify smartphone but are under a strict budget. The design of the smartphone is very unique as well. So why wait anymore? Purchase the smartphone and start flaunting.

Also, we would like to mention that this smartphone is available on geabest at a discounted price. The original price is $129.99 but you can get it just by paying $79.99 on the website.


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