ulefone armor smartphone
ulefone armor smartphone

Ulefone Armor 4G smartphone Featured with 4.7-inch gorilla glass 3 screen, Octa Core 1.3GHz Processor 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP & 5MP  Cameras, NFC Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof IP68

Ulefone armor 4G Smartphone Review

My friend recently purchased this mobile, I keep it for 2 days. it really looks great I think to write a review on this

ulefone armor smartphone


let’s talk about its benefit or what is good in it, if you want to have it, Its name armor may make you confuse about its weight its only 0.195 Kg not as much heavy as people expect it to be. is it tough? yes, it is tough, good enough for rough use, Its octa-core processor let you play any HD game without any problems, ulefone respect its name, it is built with solid material. it is really shock proof smartphone and also highly waterproof, you don’t need to worry about anything once you purchase it.

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32 GB ROM is good enough, you have a lot of space remain after system, RAM uses. i don’t know if you are planning to have 128GB ROM smartphone. according to me its good enough for a normal person. 3GB RAM is enough for speed and playing games on it. If you want to know what i have is 2GB RAM smartphone and i play ? i dont like play game but i tried some game on my mobile and didn’t have complain on 2GB. So 3GB RAM is also good thing in it.

13MP camera gives best quality pictures, if you love to take pictures and share on instagram or facebook or wherever you like there is no doubt for its picture quality, i know you want to know about what i have? don’t you? i seriously dont use a smartphone for taking pictures, i have cam. 5mp front camera you can take selfie easily, do you know selfie is dangerous business hahaha, but dont follow that stupid person.  you will think i am caring person…no its your life go ahead…

its look cool, having best design, ulefone armor have its own approach. its orange color looks great eye catching. its looks good in hand not in pocket, let people see your smartphone. enough PROS lets talk about its Cons..


Do you expect any cons from Ulephone armor? no? why not? every piece a human made can never be fully perfect. there always left some cons. let talk about its cons… once i said in upper part its not much heavy, but don’t assume to be so light weighted too. An armor smartphone we can understand this cons..

but what we can’t understand is next is problem with its jack… don’t worry they are not tends to be defective. the problem is to make this smartphone waterproof its jack are covered with plastic, so the hole of jack goes in deep about 3-4mm. and that’s is the cons, you can’t use other cables, only the cable comes with can connect with it. because a deeper hole other cables can’t be connected, if you go out and forget your charger then charging this smartphone may the problem. but if you carry a cable with you always like me then its not a problem for you..

we talked its color is orange and looks good but also its gets dirty quickly too. some customer also complains about battery too that battery isn’t too good. but for my side as i used it, its good enough on fair use, playing online game and 4G connectivity always drains battery.

thank you very much for reading my reviews on this smartphone.. if you have any question, any complain, yes you may have complain.. please comments your thought..




  1. why should i buy Ulefone Armor ? if you want regular OS updates or updated OS, bigger Screen, bigger battery capacity, excellent speaker quality and 3.5 mm Audio jack, then you need to get AGM A8.


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