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Social media is the best and easiest way to earn money online. Today millions of users have made social media their primary source of income. From Instagram to Facebook and Youtube to even Snapchat, every platform is paying content creators some part of the ads revenue. Twitter lacked this, but after Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he also introduced an Ads Revenue scheme allowing Twitter users to earn money. The company introduced this scheme a few months ago, and now Indian users have started receiving a payout from Twitter in lakhs. Let’s learn about the Twitter Ads Revenue scheme in detail and how you can apply for the same.

Creators Ad Revenue Sharing 

What is Twitter Ads Revenue Scheme?

The scheme is very simple and similar to other platforms’ ad-sharing schemes. So under this scheme, the company will share some of the ad revenue with content creators. Simply put, the company will place ads on the creator’s Tweets, posts and replies, and the creator will earn some part of the revenue generated from that ads. So the more engagement and traffic your tweets and profile get, the more ads will be displayed and the more money you will get. The latest info about this is that Indian users are getting payouts in lakhs. The exact amount going up to 3-4 lakhs.

Eligibility for Twitter Ads Revenue Scheme?

You must qualify for certain conditions to be eligible for the ad revenue scheme. Firstly you have to become a premium or verified member because the scheme is available only for premium members. Secondly, you must have 500 followers on the platform, and your cumulative posts have at least 15 million organic impressions in the last 3 months. Simply your profile and tweets must receive organic traffic and impressions. Moreover, you have to create a Stripe account because X(Twitter) will pay you through the Stripe platform only. And lastly, like all platforms, X also has their monetizing and ad revenue policy, which you must comply with to receive payments.

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How to apply?

The process for applying to X ad revenue scheme is very simple.Log into your account and go to settings. In the settings section, locate Ad Revenue Sharing. Once you tap on it, you will be asked to join, and after that, the platform will redirect you to Stripe. Enter your Stripe account details, and you are ready to earn through the Ads revenue scheme. The platform will place ads automatically as per their algorithms. To receive payouts from Twitter, you must have generated more than 50$.


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