Threads Web Version

When it comes to micro-blogging sites, there was no competition to Twitter. It was the sole platform leading the segment. But Meta, another big name in the tech world, has launched Threads as an alternative to Twitter(Now X). Meta has launched Thread as an application for Android as well as iPhone users, but we all know that the majority of Twitter users use the web version. It is also great for organizations, media, government handles, and professionals. Meta was working day and night to launch the Threads web version in order to give a tough fight to X(Twitter). Now, the Threads web version is live, and anyone around the globe can use it. Lets know about this in detail.

Threads Web Version

What is Threads Web Version?

As its name implies, Threads web version is the website version of Threads, allowing users to access the platform via a browser. In simple words, it is a website on which you can access all specifications and perform all activities just like you do on the App version. Threads web version is necessary for Meta because most Twitter users use the web version. When it comes to organizations, government handles, professionals, media, and even private sector companies, the web version is the most preferred option. You can access Threads by visiting The version is totally free and accessible to everyone around the globe. The company will add more features soon.

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Threads User Base Is Declining

A major concern for Threads was its user base was declining rapidly. Though the app receives millions of downloads within 24 hours, making it the most installed application in 24 hours, it has lost millions in the past few weeks. Users have not found the platform exciting, and most importantly, famous personalities and influencers who were given privileged early access by Meta post rarely. Simply put, the active users are declining, and the activity on the platform is also declining consistently.

Many users were demanding the web version, and people believed that the web version would help Threads regain millions of users once again. So, finally, the Threads web version is out, and Meta is doing everything to lower the dominance of Twitter. You will get multiple feature, optimization, and stability updates in the upcoming weeks.



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