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YouTube Music, catering to the preferences of music aficionados, has unveiled an eagerly anticipated live lyrics feature for Android and iOS platforms worldwide. This sought-after addition comes following the footsteps of Apple Music, and it promises to enrich the music-listening experience for users of YouTube Music.

The feature is poised to enhance the Lyrics tab within the Now Playing interface, boasting a revamped design that includes larger text and improved spacing. As the song progresses, the current line of lyrics is highlighted in white against a faint gray backdrop. Notably, the visual refresh is accompanied by seamless scrolling, ensuring that users can smoothly navigate through the lyrical content even as the song transitions to the next line.

A distinctive feature of this update is the employment of blurred cover art as the background, creating an engaging visual backdrop for the lyrics. To signify the commencement of the lyrical content, YouTube Music introduces a note icon before the lyrics kick in.

Reports indicate that the live lyrics feature is gradually rolling out to users of YouTube Music for both Android (version 6.15) and iOS (version 6.16). To access the feature, some users have found it helpful to perform a Force stop on the YouTube Music app before checking for the update. However, it is noteworthy that not all songs seem to support live lyrics currently, leaving room for further expansion and enhancement.

While this enhancement aligns with the pursuit of offering an immersive music experience, YouTube is not stopping there.

In a separate development, the parent company, Google-owned YouTube, is in the process of testing an innovative feature for Android users. This feature allows individuals to search for songs on the platform by humming or recording a snippet of the tune currently being played. Users participating in this experiment can effortlessly toggle from YouTube voice search to the new song search feature, enabling them to hum or record a song for over three seconds to facilitate identification. Once identified, the platform presents users with a range of relevant content, including official music tracks, user-generated videos, and Shorts featuring the searched song.

This multifaceted approach to enhancing user engagement underscores YouTube’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. From refining the music-listening experience with live lyrics to experimenting with advanced search capabilities, YouTube Music remains dedicated to providing its users with a dynamic and immersive musical journey.



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