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Do you wish to send texts from just one device despite having various devices and phone numbers? Do you frequently sit in front of a computer? Would receiving and responding to SMS text messages on your desktop be useful?

Some best SMS forwarding apps for Android transfers texts to another phone or computer via text messages or email and are free and can be downloaded on Google Play Store. The SMS forwarding service will come to your aid if your goal today is to concentrate on your computer and avoid being distracted by your phone.

The best time to use an SMS forwarding app is when you have another phone that is capable of receiving redirected messages when you are abroad or charging one of your mobile phones. If you’re unaware of SMS forwarding, here’s how to forward text messages on Android.

Global Text Messaging Stats

Mobile usage is skyrocketing and developing into a more potent tool for connecting with customers globally for marketing. According to statistics, the use of text messages for business purposes is predicted to increase until 2022.

In the world, 5 billion individuals send and receive SMS texts, representing almost 65% of the world’s population.

Creating a relationship with your customers and converting prospects can be greatly aided by SMS marketing. The knowledge will help you create a marketing plan that progresses your company.

10 Best SMS Forwarding Apps For Android

If you enjoy texting, the default text messaging software on your phone cannot give you the kind of service you require.

So here are some of the best SMS forwarding apps for Android available in the Google Play Store. Android device users can access various messaging apps that let them communicate with anybody, anywhere.

1. Phone Leash

You can remotely respond to SMS text messages using the Phone Leash app from a different phone or email address. Install the app on your phone that  you want to leave, then connect it to the second phone via email, and you’re ready to go.

This app also makes it easier to get alerts when your phone is starting up, a missed call is made, or an SMS text message is sent.

2. Mighty Text

Due to its extensive list of practical features, it is capable of much more than just SMS forwarding, and it contains many extra capabilities, including SMS backup.

Mighty Text restores a built-in dialer for calling people on your computer, file synchronization from your smartphone to your computer, and many more. Snapchat, Tinder, and WhatsApp notifications are also available.

3. Auto Forward Text

This application eliminates the hassle of carrying your personal and work mobile devices. The SSL feature of this program is one aspect that sets it apart (security sockets layer).

Throughout the sending process, it guarantees the privacy and security of the user’s actions and information. You can also use it to filter the message keywords that users will forward.

4. Easy SMS Texts Forwarder

This application is for you if you’re unfamiliar with SMS forwarding services and are concerned about how to utilize them. Easy SMS Texts Forwarder will come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for beginners.

5. Handcent Next SMS

It includes exceptional features like built-in spell checking, theme support, password security, group texting, and much more with various emojis and stickers, allowing you to spend time with your friends in peace and have fun.

Another useful feature for an unlimited experience is sending eCards, making free Internet phone calls, and backing up your text messages. You can also pin the selective contacts.

6. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of Android’s best SMS forwarding app with customizable options. It contains a sizable selection of Twitter, Android, iOS, and Emoji One emojis.

Additionally, it has complex features like scheduled SMS senders, a passcode app lock, privacy controls, and backup. A block listing feature is also included with the product. Therefore, you must try it if you have problems getting in touch with anyone.

7. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS has a simple user interface with an excellent material design. You can sync your SMS from any device, whether  a tablet, phone, or PC.

It provides several useful capabilities, like spam blocking, delayed SMS sending, and enhanced contacts and message search. The app is configurable, with a huge selection of themes, GIFs, and sound effects. Thanks to the excellent customization capabilities, every chat can be personalized using its unique qualities.

8. SMS Forwarding

The user interface of this straightforward SMS forwarding app is clear and simple. You can use it to efficiently forward SMS text messages across phone numbers and define the filters you want to use to receive forwarded messages.

9. SMS Forwarder (Satsuma Solutions)

The free SMS Forwarder app works similarly to SMS Forwarding, automatically forwarding your texts to any mobile number you specify. SMS Forwarder app can implement filters to prevent message redirection in certain circumstances.

10. SMS Forwarder Pro (Zygote Labs)

Another APK with a reputation for greater security is the SMS Forwarder Pro. It provides both 128-bit AES SSL encryption, guaranteeing the highest level of protection throughout the forwarding process. It permits filtering the keywords of messages to be forwarded, just like Auto Forward text.

Three Safety Measures to follow before using SMS Forwarding Services

The ideal practices for utilizing SMS forwarding services, according to, are as follows

I. Update the program to the most recent version

Almost all applications are vulnerable to hacking in older versions. They typically lack robust end-to-end encryption, making it simple for hackers to get around the security measures and exploit them to eavesdrop on your actions.

It is always advised to stay current because developers frequently increase security issues in subsequent versions in response to customer complaints.

II. Download applications with a high rating

Apps for Android SMS forwarding are often available on Google Play. You should first conduct a survey to learn about the ratings of each app before downloading it.

III. Avoid the free versions

Hackers typically utilize free SMS forwarding apps to entice internet users to download and use them. They might, however, be spyware that was created by them to snoop on unknowing people.


To conclude, all of the mentioned app are the best SMS forwarding app for android that provide GPS locations of the primary phone, making it simple to track and find your smartphone in case of loss.

If you pick the correct SMS forwarding provider, several benefits include time savings and the avoidance of pointless distractions. Take your time when selecting an app for the task at hand.

Be aware that you might be unknowingly assisting hackers in mining your data for sensitive information.

Hope you find this post informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. What issue arises when using the built-in SMS app?

If you like to communicate via text messages, the default text messaging app on your device may not be able to give you the kind of service you require. So you must switch to another app for your preferences.

ii. Which SMS forwarding app is the most suitable for me?

Your particular requirements or tastes may influence the sort of software you choose. While some apps focus on security and privacy, others emphasize broader communication by providing extra audio and video calling features.

iii. Where can I download the SMS forwarding programs for free?

After carefully testing and monitoring these apps, our staff has chosen them. These applications can be obtained and installed from the links provided and have a seamless SMS forwarding experience. You can also find these apps in the Google Play Store.


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